Thursday, November 1, 2007


I still don't have any finished objects today! Boo to me! But I've got a few that are close.

I decided to ROAK a member of crochetville and feel fairly safe to post this here, as I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog. She asked for a crocheted pumpkin. Here is the body of one that I worked on yesterday. I still need to finish the stem, but then its all done. It was a boring pattern but looks good now that the pumpkin part is finished.

Next is the cardigan for little monster. She loved the baby sweater I did and insisted I try to make it in her size. What a challenge! I'm using a P hook and 2 strands of wool. So far, it seems to be big enough. I'm waiting on the rest of the yarn to come in from Seaport Yarn and then I can finish it. It still needs a bottom and 2 sleeves.

Right now, it looks like a bad vest, LOL.

Happy All Souls Day! Today we remember the souls who have passed on...particularly the ones who are still in Purgatory. Today, I remember my Titi Abigail. May she be rejoicing in the beauty of heaven!


Anonymous said...

OOO,, I like that pumpkin!!

Lesalicious said...

Love the pumpkin. You do great on the cardigan I am always winging all my crochet things we all learn as we go. Your daughter will love it:)