Monday, November 12, 2007

Scarf-a-palooza Part 2

My Sunday consisted of more scarves!! I'm totally tired of scarves at this point, LOL. I've got one more scarf on the hook. When that one is done, I'm taking a break from scarves!!

This one was made with a partial skein of variegated yarn that I bought YEARS ago. Probably close to when I first started crocheting. I'm not even sure what brand it is...maybe RHSS? I really like the way this scarf self-striped.

The next two are made with scraps of RHSS that I had in my stash. Told you I was into stripes lately!

I started to explore Ravelry this morning. Ravelry looks awesome, but I gotta tell you, it looks so overwhelming. I added my profile, user pic, and a handful of projects. I have a bunch more to add and also have to get my stash pics up there.
Angela, I took all the pics of my stash already...just need to figure out HOW to get the pics on there, LOL. It'll be a slow learning process for me, but I'll eventually get it.
The site is amazing and I'm so glad I got in!!


Lesalicious said...

I like that your title has palooza in it lol. I will have to take that from you lol. Love the scarves and I know what you mean doing the same over and over do get you in a rut. LOL. Glad you getting around on Ravelry. I also find it overwhelming. I can't never seem to get off of there at all.:) Best of luck on your scar palooza lol.

Crafty Gardener said...

You sure have been busy with the yarn and hook.
I just got into Ravelry as well ... so much to see and do ... so little time.

Kelly said...

I love the black/white/gray scarf. It came out great.