Monday, November 5, 2007

Random Act of Kindness

So, I've finished the crochet pumpkin for my ROAK. By the time I got to the stem, I wasn't using the pattern anymore, LOL. I winged the stem and it came out ok. The pumpkin is pretty large and squishy. It looks lopsided in the picture but its really not, LOL. I hope she likes it! I'm also sending some old books, a Christmas ornament and a ball of Lion Brand cotton that was on her wishlist. Hope she enjoys!

Next is something else I was working on the last few days: girl's headbands. These are for Pi's school fundraiser in December. I used my own pattern...same as for the baby headband, but a bit longer...about 17 1/2 inches long.

I wear headbands alot so I was tempted to keep some of these, LOL.

Other than that, I've been plugging away at granny squares for my grandmother's afghan. I had 7 on Saturday morning and as of tonight, I have 13. Yay progress!

The knowledge that Christmas is so close is freaking me out though. I'm going to borrow rkbezzie's idea and try to do a cheapass Christmas. Its rumored that there will be no bonuses and raises at my job this year, so I've got to work with the tight budget we've got. Bezzie gave herself a specific budget. I'm not going to give myself a specific dollar amount...I'm just going to try to spend as little as possible!

This is the list I want (stress on want) to be able to make for my family for Christmas. I don't think I'll get to it all, but darn it, I'm going to give it a go. :)~

I've ordered all the yarn I need. Joanns had a coupon, plus 10% off if you buy 6 skeins, plus free shipping.

Grandpa K: a green/white swirls afghan (completed! when I got hurt in June and was laid up in bed, I took the opportunity to work this up). Total cost $10. I had alot of leftover green wintauk yarn from a football afghan I made my hubby when we were dating. The yarn had been sitting there for almost 3 years! Thank goodness, it was a no dye lot, and I only had to buy about $10 worth of matching yarn to finish it. Yay stash yarn!

Grandma E - granny square afghan. 13 squares done...7 more to go. This is being worked up in shades of red and blue. When looking through my stash yarn, I realized I had ridiculous amounts of half skeins in various shades of blue and red. Woot! I have enough blue to finish the afghan, but am running low on red. I just ordered 3 skeins. Total cost $8.37.

Grandma A: I decided on the Simple Shawl from Caron. I ordered 3 skeins of Simply Soft. Total cost $8.07.

Mom: Dot's scrap afghan (25% done but I don't know if I will bother finishing it, as we are fueding and I don't know if we'll make up by then). Also, since this is made from all my scraps, this will cost me $0!

Sister 1: a hat and scarf set. I'm want to make this with Patons Classic Merino wool. I figure 2 balls should be plenty. Total cost $9.00.

Sisters 2 & 3: a 14' ami doll for each of them. The pattern is pretty cool and they love all things ami. Looking at the pattern, I am pretty sure I can finish this with stash yarn. Another whopping $0.

Dad: hat and scarf set and maybe slippers if time permits. I'll need 2 balls of Patons wool again and use scraps for the slippers. Total cost $7.50 (i used the 40% coupon here!).

Little monster: same ami doll as sisters 2 and 3, plus store bought toys. The ami can be done with scraps. As for the store bought toys, this is what may kill my budget. I'll let you know the total when its all purchased.

Anonymous husband: he reads this blog, so I won't go into what he's going to get (Hi AH!)

So, out of all these people to make gifts for, only 1 is completely done. Yikes. Worst case scnario...everyone will get my yummy homemade fudge.

So for everyone on my list, except hubby and offspring, I have only spent $42.94 on their gifts total! Not bad!!! Let's see if I can keep this cheapass budget going!

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Lesalicious said...

Look like you have it all planned out that's great. Oh also that reminds me since you having a plan for things you would like to finish check out my CAL on crochetville called CAL before 2008 its for those that have lots of projects but, would like to get a little boost to at least starting and finishing them.
BTW love the pumpkin so cute. Headbands also. :) great job.