Friday, November 30, 2007

My camera went kaplooey

I wanted to show you the progress I made on my Seraphina shawl, but my camera is acting wonky. Hubby and I are going to pull out the manual tonight and see if we can figure out what's wrong. I've gotten another 2 full sequences done (8 rows) and its gotten so much easier! Its now a subway project!!

I also made fudge last night, which came out sooo good. Also wanted to take pics of that to make you drool but my camera mojo is gone for now.

Soooo, get this...

A mass e-mail went out from a doctoral student at my grad school. As an alum, I still get e-mail from the school everyday. Anyway, this student was looking for volunteers for an experiment....errr, I mean study. She is trying to do intelligence testing on children anywhere from 6-16, but was having a hard time finding kids. Not many grad students have kids, I guess.

First thought in my head was "I know how hard it is to find volunteers...that's gotta suck."

Second thought in my head was "Hey, free intelligence testing on the kid!" Is that wrong of me? LOL

I asked Pi is she was willing to help and she was (with some convincing), so this student is coming to our apartment tonight to give Pi the WISC intelligence test. Pi knows she can stop at any time or take a break whenever she needs it. I think it'll be neat to find out just how genius my little monster is.


Laurah said...

The IQ test reminds me of a high school assignment from my psychology class. I had to formulate and test five kids based on the Piaget theories. I just went around the neighborhood knocking on doors and told the parents I would send them a copy of the 'results'. Worked like a charm.
I think one reason why I enjoy in the round blankets is that the first part is the hardest and most pattern intensive and then they quickly becomes a 'ferry' project. (No subways in the San Juans, but it's an hour or more to the mainland.) Can't wait for updated pics of the seraphina shawl!

Bezzie said...

Man, I can't tell you how many of those experiments I put Chunky in. Scored myself a $30 walmart gift card one time for putting him in a study...hee hee!

CraftyAshley said...

Can't wait to see your work. Good luck in the study!

Noya said...

This is great info to know.