Saturday, November 17, 2007

Busy Saturday

This has been a busy but happy Saturday.

First there was laundry at 10 in the morning. Yuck! LOL. Then my friend Desiree and I went to see my friend Kiki's new baby. I made a caterpillar for the baby, though it has a pig face, haha! Here it is, I call it Pigepillar! This is from KristieM's pattern over at crochetville.

All I can say is IN LOVE! This baby is the cutest little pumpkin shmumpkin ever! She has the cutest dimples, a mini mohawk (all natural), and the sweetest temperment. We were having so much fun catching up with Kiki and playing with the baby that I was nearly late for grocery bingo. Oh yeah and Kiki sent us home with the BIGGEST goodie bags ever! I mean she filled a GALLON sized ziplock with cookies and candy plus a tupperware full of a delicious greek cake.

Desiree raced me back home and off my family went (grandparents in tow) to Grocery bingo. This is a fundraiser for the school where everyone plays bingo for baskets full of grocery items. Between me, anonymous husband, little monster, and the grandparents, we had 15 bingo cards between us. Anonymous husband ended up winning the snack basket. It had 3 big bags of chips, 2 bags of popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, cheese and pretzels, chocolate covered pretzels, a box of twix candy, and other various sweets.

Kiki must have given good snack mojo, LOL. So between grocery shopping (got stuff to bake cherry and pumpkin pies, plus ice cream), Kiki's snacks, and grocery bingo, we've got enough goodies in the house to satisy the sweet tooth of a small army.

I'm pretty tired, so there won't be any more crocheting for tonight. We've still got some organizing/cleaning to do because my MIL is coming for a visit tomorrow. Send good vibes my way please.


CraftyAshley said...

Sounds like a busy day and I am way jealous of the treats. You always really want some when you don't have any. lol Have a great weekend.

Lesalicious said...

Awww look at you and the baby so cute. Awww. Look like you had a busy Saturday love the caterpillar so cute:)

Anonymous said...

The pigerpillar is precious, and the pic of you and baby is just adorable! Argh,,,,, sending good vibes for the upcoming visitor,,,,

Artemis said...

Kiki had a baby?! Holy craps! Adorable. And so is the Pigepillar.