Get to Know Me!

Who am I, you ask?

Short version:  I'm a wife, mother to my sweet Piper, crafter, and cubicle slave. 

Longer version:  I learned to crochet when I was 14 years old.  My interest came about when I was 12 and my twin sisters were born.  They were preemies and so teeny tiny.  One of my dad's co-workers gifted them two preemie crochet blankets and I loved them.  I would sit and look at the stitches, admiring all the work that went into them.  Finally, I went to the local library and took out as many books on crochet that I could find.  My next stop was Woolworth's (I'm dating myself, aren't I?) to buy a hook and yarn.  I found a learn to crochet kit and that's where it all started.  You can pretty much say, I'm hooked!

Since 2008, I've taken an interest in baking, knitting, sewing, and embroidery.  Even though I'm not proficient in any of them, I love them all.  The creative process is a great outlet for me.

You'll see a little of everything on this blog, since I can't stick to just one craft.

Thanks for stopping by!