Sunday, November 4, 2007

What a day!

Well, yesterday was quite the day. First my little monster was listening to music on our computer when the desk decided to break apart. The top part of the desk, didn't just flipped over! We have no idea how that happened! Everything ended up on the floor...monitor and all. Thanfully, the monitor landed right side up and nothing was broken.

Then later that night, we decide to do laundry at the laundromat (we don't own a washer). Hubby tells me to grab the keys and I do. But like the spaz I am, I got distracted and put them down. Little monster called for me to hurry, so I rushed out the door, leaving the keys behind! DOH!

I realized my mistake right away. Hubby realized he left our back window open and had the good idea to ring my neighbor's bell and see if she will let us climb over the fence in the backyard. Our backyards are connected. If we could get into the backyard, we could get into the window and open the door.

You have to remember that we just moved here in September and our neighbors don't know us well yet. Also, this neighbor is Chinese and speaks very little English, so this is how the conversation went.

me: (rings bell)
neighbor: Who are you?
me: We live next door and...
neighbor: (cutting me off) who are you, what do you want?
me: We're your neighbors. (pointing at Pi) She's the one always dropping balls into your yard and...
neighbor (cutting me off again) BALL!
me: Yes, but I'm not here because...
neighbor (cutting me off again) I'LL CHECK!
me: No, wait!
neighbor (walks away and comes back about 5 minutes later) No BALL!
me: No, she didn't drop a ball. I'm locked out and need to climb your fence to get into my house, please.
neighbor: (after much thought) Ok, you come. (points at Pi) Not her...too little.
me: Ok.

So I go into this woman's house and into her yard. The fence is at about my neck high. She hands me a chair and I try climbing over with the chair. The neighbor even tries to be helpful by putting her hands on my thighs and pushing me. Not helfpul at all but definitely a comedic moment. You had to see it, LOL!

I give up and tell her I can't get over. I ask her if hubby can try. She gives me this appraising look and pauses for a moment. Then she agrees. Thankfully hubby's climbing skills are far superior to mine and he makes it over the fence and gets us back in the house. When I thanked the neighbor, she screamed "You nevermind!" I guess that was a your welcome of sorts. So there you have my Saturday adventure!

I do have some pics to show you too.

First, I received this angel bookmark from a great lady at Crafting for a Cause as a thank you for sending out baby fleece sqaures. Isn't this beautiful? I almost never work with thread, so when I recieve things made from thread, I am just in awe!

Also, here is the diaper wrath I made for my cousin's baby. I attached the sweater and headband I made and also attached little goodies like socks, a hair clip, and washcloths. I love diaper wreaths. The baby, little Jayliana, arrived earlier this week, so she was present at her own shower. Guess she didn't want to miss the fun.

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

How cool, about the neighbor, wow! Will you make her something small, as a thank you token?

Christina said...

Yep, I'm going to give her a little something, but haven;t decided what yet. Any ideas?

Lesalicious said...

OMG what a day what a day you had lol, sorry your day was so horrible but, reading how your conversation went made me just think and laugh but, glad everything was all ok at the end. Oh also LOVE the baby wrath so cute, Very cute:) great job.:)

Anonymous said...

What about something like a doily or dresser scarf or potholders or wash cloths,,,,, or an amigurumimi plant?

Artemis said...

Really, all I can say is ROFL!