Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back to the 80's!

Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes my way!! Also a big thanks to Mary for the super huge, delicious cupcake with the Reese's cups on top. Yum! My day was great, even with the minor dental surgery I had in the afternoon.

Fun fact: if your dentist jams a needleful of novacaine in your upper gum REALLY high up there, your nose will go numb too. Learned that today, LOL!

In thanks for all your cyber-goodness, I'm rewarding you with a blast from the past. This is me, circa June 1986 - Kindergarten graduation. Do you notice, in comparison to my profile pic, how my half smirk/half smile hasn't changed much? LOL

I was also super productive as far as craftiness goes. I finally got a fire under my butt and finished the santa hat ornaments. I couldn't find white poms poms (no craft stores here, grrr), so I used small cotton balls and glued them on as well as possible. Whatever, they are done!

I also made a stocking for our own Christmas tree.

I made these clutch bags months ago, but never got around to lining them. Why, you ask? Because, generally, I hate sewing. Why do I hate sewing you ask? Because, well, I suck at it! Thanks to a co-worker, I can backsew well enough to line purses now, but thats as far as I can go.

Here's a pic of the lining/inside. I used the same lining as I did for my fat bottom bag. I love this lining...its thick, sturdy, and very pretty. Umm, and yes, that is my pasty arm in the corner.

Not much else going on. I'll be mailing out some Holiday ROAKs today. Nothing fancy...just some cards and a few handmade goodies for some of the ladies over at the 'ville. Is it just me, or does anyone still find the 'ville more enticing than Ravelry? Maybe I am crazy, but its still my fav place!


Lesalicious said...

Of course the Ville is still my favorite place. I still see that half smirk lol cute. Love the bags oh so cute make me want to make one. Congrats on finishing the santa hats they are oh so cute.:)

CraftyAshley said...

Congrats on finishing your projects. You are so funny. I do see the half/smirk. :-) I have only had my ravelry for a couple of weeks but I too love the ville. There are the nicest ladies there. I'm glad your day went well yesterday!!!!

Cami said...

Love the hats, they are adorable. And the bags are cute too. You do good work. Oh, I too love the ville.

Debbi said...

Cute hats, cute stocking cute purse! I also can't sew and my linings are getting better, but not much. I just do a striaght stitch.

Bezzie said...

Hee hee! Cute smirk!

Love your hats! I love quickie holiday projects!

I don't crochet, but I get you on Ravelry. It's nice, but I think if you had an online knitting/crocheting community before Ravelry, you don't get the sense of community that Rav is supposed to have I think.

laurah4200 said...

First of all, I love the black bags! They are really classy and the ribbon looks nice, esp in the lining shot. I have two purses that are finished crochetwise, but lining seems like a huge project, so there they sit. Congrats on finishing the lining!
I like the Santa Hats, too. That's a lot of work! (I'm still partial to the christmas trees with the little colored dots.)
On the Crochetville/Ravelry topic I agree. I feel like there is a lot to learn and complete on Ravelry. And there are some things that I don't ever plan on doing - like the stash photos.
Also, I like that Crochetville is only crochet; we are our own craft. Sometimes I feel like the crochet half is drowned out by all those equally talented knitters. Plus there's just the comfort factor. I've been browsing Crochetville for over a year and I have a good feel for the people, tone and resourses. So yea, I get where you're coming from.

Anonymous said...

You are a precious little booger, I love the ornaments and the bags!!