Monday, November 26, 2007

Screw the calendar!

You read that right...screw the calendar!

Anonymous husband and I did nothing but drink wine on Thanksgiving since little monster wasn't home. We decided that we were going to do Thanksgiving when she got back. So although Thanksgiving was supposed to be last Thursday, we said screw the calendar!!! and had it yesterday. Pi looked at us like we had lost our minds when we told her we saved the holiday until she got home.

Really, what is Thanksgiving without the person whom I am most thankful for!

I am thankful for all the stretch marks.
I am thankful for the few hours I was in labor.
I am thankful for the c-section scar that reminds me of Pi's birth.
I am thankful for every hug, kiss, and "I love you."
I am even thankful for the times when Pi drives me crazy and makes me want to pull my hair out.
I am thankful that I was blessed with such a great kid. I am humbled that she was given to me as a gift from God and that He trusts me enough to care for her.

I am also thankful I don't need to change her diapers anymore!

Check out my bird...look at that color! It was really good! We got this 18 pound bird for free through a supermarket promotion. Yep, 18 pounds! We have enough left over for dinner tonight plus enough to make turkey sandwiches all week!

I also worked on a few scarves this weekend. This one is for a girl at work. I used THIS pattern, a K hook, and Homespun yarn. Its 60" long and 8" wide. Its so fuzzy and it!

I used the same pattern and hook size on this scarf, but used Vanna's yarn instead. This one is also 60" long, but 6 1/2" wide. You can really see the pattern in this scarf since the yarn isn't nearly as bulky. I can't decide which scarf I like better.

The Christmas fundraiser is this coming Saturday. I'm working on some santa hat ornaments. Must say I'm tired of ornaments already, LOL. Laura, I think you're right. The small projects are driving me a little insane just because of the crazy amount of ends that need to be woven in.
Maybe its time Pi learned how to weave in ends. I'd be thankful for that too! :)


Anonymous said...

The bird is gorgeous! You did excellent!!

Lesalicious said...

Ohhhh my mouth watering just thinking of a turkey and gravy sandwich ohhh. Great job on the turkey looks oh so good. Love the scarf. :)

laurah4200 said...

That bird looks yummy!
I love the black scarves. Black is a good classic color, and compliments almost anything.
The homespun one looks really warm. My mom likes me to make her scarves from homespun because it is soft, warm and washable.
Plus you got to use Vanna's yarn! I will try her yarn someday...

Mimi said...

Hi, came here from Riohnna's blog.
That is a wonderful roasted Turkey...
I also mostly think of my sons the same way you do with your daughter.

Bezzie said...

Hey alright! Vanna Scarf Power! It's a great acrylic, I gotta say!

And hey, happy birthday! :-)

CraftyAshley said...

Great job all around.

Lesalicious said...

Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to Christina happy birthday to you:)

AND many more:)