Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

Good news! Its not my camera that died, but my memory card. That can be replaced alot easier than the camera. My genius husband also figured out that I can use my phone's memory card for the camera, so I snuck in a few pics this weekend.

First, the fundraiser. Total bust.

The only people who did well with selling anything were the ones selling necessities (shower curtains, sheets, etc.) and people selling used junk (used stuffies, old toys, etc.). Anyone selling things that can be considered extras didn't do so well. I had many items priced under a dollar, so its not that I was too expensive.

Lots of people came over to admire the scarves, ornaments, and other stuff I had on the table but very few bought. i sold a purse, headband, and a few bags of fudge. My free samples were a hit of course, LOL.

Hubby and I think it turned out this way because of the demographics of the neighborhood. Its very much a working class neighborhood and people seem to be looking for things they need and must have rather than fun scarves or purses. It was a good learning experience though and I'm glad we tried!

Here's a pic of Little Monster and I at our table.

Here's a close-up of the table.

The good thing about sitting at the fundraiser for awhile was all the work I put into my Seraphina Shawl! When put over my shoulders, it almost reaches my elbows. I'm going to keep going...want it to reach my wrists. Its definitely going much faster now that I'm in the repetetive stage.

I'm off to make some tea. Still fighting my cold.

ETA: I brought 9 of the scarves from the fundraiser to work and left them on my desk to see if anyone might be interested. It's only 9:30 in the morning and I sold 5 of them! Wootwoot!


CraftyAshley said...

Your table is gorgeous! I would of totally bought your crafts up. Shame on them! Oh, well at least people at your work seem to enjoy them. Great job again for all your hard work on them and great job on the shawl can't wait to see it on you.

Laurah said...

Wow! Your Seraphina Shawl is gorgeous! The yarn really shows off the stitch and the color is so pretty.
That's too bad about the crafts. You sure had a lot to choose from. I would have bought up a few oranments at the very least!

Mimi said...

Yay! for selling your scarves at work. Your table looks very attractive, you just did not meet the right customers...
Your shawl is looking so pretty!

Lesalicious said...

Congrats on selling some of your things that is a start wtg. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts:)

Snappish said...

I love your Searphina Shawl...just WOW! Even though the craft table was a bust, good thinking on taking the scarves to work and already selling most of them so fast! *high five*!

Cami said...

Wow, your shawl is beautiful. It looks great!

Laura said...

The shawl is beautiful! Maybe you'd do better selling your crafts in a wealthier area, or maybe even at a mall craft fair? I belong to a Yahoo online group, Crochet Partners, and one lady mentioned people getting a fair price for their crocheted items when they sell them in areas/stores that cater to wealthy people - small boutiques, etc. I work with a lady who makes beautiful crocheted/knitted items for people on request, and she charges (and gets) 3x the cost of the yarn/materials. Maybe that's something to think about too, since your coworkers like your crocheted items.