Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Aftermath

This is just a taste of the mess left after Pi demolished all paper and boxes from her gifts.

We had a really great Christmas morning. Pi was so happy with everything Santa brought. She was shrieking with excitement when she woke up "Santa came! SANTA CAME!" Ear piercing but adorable.

Pi played an angel at Christmas Eve mass. I nearly melted seeing my baby looking so angelic.

Almost all of my gifts were well received. The only one that had a lukewarm response was my youngest twin sister. I gave her the purple and pink ami doll and she responded "I like it...a little." Ha! I have to say one good thing about the girl's autism is that they don't lie. They tell you exactly what they are feeling and I appreciate the honesty. The older twin loved her doll! She even hugged it and kissed it when she opened it. One out of two ain't bad!

Everyone else seemed to really love and appreciate their gifts. My 19 y/o sister even called me last night to tell me she loved the scarf so much that she'd been wearing it since I gave it to her. That gave me the warm fuzzies.

I got some really cool gifts, including a trench coat! I've never owned one before. Wearing it gives me the strange desire to buy a fedora and become a spy. :)~ Its a really cool looking coat.

Other than that, I managed to lose my glasses in my grandpa's car vent system. Yeah, INSIDE the vent. Don't ask how, really, its stupid. My dad came to the rescue though and managed to fish them out without too much trouble. I did have to go all of yesterday without them, which made for an intereting work day. Can't see anything on the computer without them, ha!

I don't have anything on my hook right now. I'm trying to decide what to make for my pay it forward gifts. Decisions, decisions. While I'm deciding, I figured I could give my brain a little boost by reading a book. I love to read, but abandon it more than I care to say for crochet.

Oh and remember that Christmas isn't over yet! The real Christmas season started on Christmas Day and lasts until January 6th, the day of the Epiphany (or Three Kings Day), hence the 12 days of Christmas. Enjoy the season peeps!


CraftyAshley said...

It looks like you and your family had a great Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

Bezzie said...

I love your sister's response! And hey, she liked it a little. That's better than not liking it a lot! :-)

Sorry about your glasses. Maybe your grandpa's car will be able to see better now. Hee!

Laura said...

Very cute picture of your daughter! I'm glad you had a good Christmas!

Lesalicious said...

Awww look at Pi looks like she had a fun. Glad your sister love your scarf I knew she would. :)

Kelly said...

I've always wanted a trench coat, they are so cool. Can we get a pic of you wearing it?

Laurah said...

You daughter looks so cute and happy in her angel costume. You're lucky to have a kid around with extra X-mas spirit.
Love the picture of the wrapping paper wuth the aftermath of Santa's visit. Too bad Santa's elves don't stop by for a little housekeeping!
When I read about your glasses I though about that scene from Tommy Boy where the M&Ms roll into the car vent. Wonder what will be on the hook next?