Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chrissy Crocker

That's what I feel like after the last two days.

I started baking last night after I got home from work until midnight and started baking this morning around 9 and didn't finish til 1. Exhausting but the goodies were well worth it.

Let me start with the rejects. I made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast this morning, but greased the pan in my sleepy stupor when I wasn't supposed to. The bottoms of the muffins burned because of that, but the rest taste great, so we just sliced off the bottoms and enjoyed the rest.

Last night Little Monster and I made the sugar cookie dough. This morning it was ready for baking and decorating. We used food coloring to make different color dough. Since I can't decorate with icing at all, we used decorating pens which were really cool and easy to use.
See the LJ on the round cookie all the way to the right? Pi says that means "Love Jesus." How cute is that?!?
This is just a sample of the sugar cookies. We made 5 dozen!
Last night I made caramel brownies. I was gifted this recipe by a former co-worker for my bridal shower and its been a family favorite since. There is a layer of brownie, a layer of mini chocolate chips, a layer of melted caramel, another layer of brownie, and topped with more chocolate chips. Theyr'e drool worthy!
Last but not least are walnut tassies. I was given this recipe by a current co-worker. Her recipe calls for pecans, but I had half a can of walnuts left over from something else and decided to use those. They're really good.
Laurah, the dough is made with cream cheese and butter and is filled with a creamy walnut mixture. If you want the recipe, I can post it. They are super simple and taste really good. They're not as sweet as the caramel brownies, but sweet enough to be a great snack.
Tomorrow I'll post pics of the Christmas gifts I've got done. I'm still plugging away on the amu doll, but with all the baking, not much happened with it today.
We're off to Santaland at Macy's Herald Sqaure now. Pi wants to see Santa and tell him she's been good. That's mostly true. :)


Laura said...

Wow, that all looks so good, especially the brownies and muffins!

Lesalicious said...

Ummmmmm they all looks so good you been a busy mommy:) have a great Christmas :)

Bezzie said...

I just gained 10 pounds from this post. I love your muffin tops. Who likes the bottoms anyway?

Laurah said...

I used to make chocolate chip muffins in Junior High. The recipe was from a kid book and it used vegtable oil. They were so good! The cookbook got lost in a move and I'm still sad.
I've never colored sugar cookies, just the frosting but my grandma likes to put lemon extract instead of vanilla.
Those brownies look so yummy! I'm not a fan of carmel, but those would seriously temp me. Sometimes when I make brownies I'll pour chocolate chips on top of the pan right after I pull them out of the oven. I never thought to sandwich them between two layers.
Everything looks so good. I just want to reach into my computer screen if only for a taste!
Oh, and I would love the recipe for the tassies!

HobbyZu said...

Drool! It all looks so scrumptious! The brownies would have to be my fav though. I'm a sucker for chocolate and caramel. ;-)

Kelly said...

Yummy! I love choc chip muffins. I made 4 batches of cookies yesterday and 2 today plus a pan of brownies. Have a Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

OOoooo, everything looks wonderful!!! Now I am going to HAVE to get the stuff to make an angel food cake,,,, and peanut butter fudge,,,,