Sunday, December 16, 2007

Grannies for my Granny

Over the weekend, I finished this granny square afghan in different shades of blue and red for my paternal grandmother (not the one I'm giving the shawl to). The pic mutilated the colors, but there are 3 shades of red and 6 shades of blue. I've successfully used up all my blue yarn scraps! I've still got a few full skeins of blue but the scrap is gone! There is RHSS, Bernat, and Vanna's yarn all mixed up in there. Schizophrenic, eh?

The afghan measures about 49"x 61" with the border. Its taller than grandma...she's only 4'10" but she loves everything big. Her furniture is huge. I have to use my knee to climb on her bed, rather than just being able to sit on it like a normal sized bed. The afghan sort of has a retro feel to it and grandma is all about the retro. Can we say plastic covers on the sofas?

My eye is feeling much better. Its still slightly swollen, but it only looks like I haven't slept well. It doesn't hurt anymore and its not itchy. Getting better...woot!!!

Quote of the weekend:
Piper: "Mom, I think you've got a mustache."
Me: "I do not. Husband?"
Husband: "Kinda"
Me: "AH!"

For the record, I do not have a mustache, just baby fuzz that all women have!


Melissa said...

Nice. I'm sure that she will love it!

CraftyAshley said...

lol I have baby, blond, fuzzies too!

Lesalicious said...

Love the color of the afghan so cute great job.:)Glad to hear your eye is feeling a little bit better.

Bezzie said...

Tell Piper it's hereditary! Wuahahaha!

Love the afghan--schitzo in a good way!

Laurah said...

Love the 'schizo' granny blanket! I like the one that is mostly blue and the two blocks with the red center and blue outline.
4'10"? Your granny is teeny! I like my beds high too. You can hide a lot of craft stuff under a tall bed. Glad you saw it through all those loose ends!