Monday, December 17, 2007

Ami Doll

I started making an ami doll for one of my twin sisters this weekend. This thing took forever. Maybe its because I'm new at ami and suck but one leg took me two hours! Is that normal? Or am I just yellow school bus special?

I used THIS pattern. The pattern itself is very easy to follow. I changed up the hair and face a bit. I didn't have any appropriate sized buttons for the eyes, so I decided to embroider them on. I'm no embroidery queen as you can tell.
Be honest, what do you think of the face?

Piper told me to my face that she liked it but told anonymous husband the face was scary when I wasn't around. Now I'm worried about whether the twins will like it or think I'm playing some cruel joke on them by giving them an elvira doll for Christmas. I don't know whether to make another or make a mad dash to the toy store. Help!

Personally, I think it sort of looks like Cathy from the comics and I like it. Oh yeah, and she's huge...20 inches tall!


Caroline said...

Love her...she does look like the comic Cathy.

Lesalicious said...

Ohhhh I like it a lot very cute not scary at all. Good you embroidery the eyes you wouldn't want buttons on there that the twins can get off. Very cute.

Oh by the way Christina I also changed up the background on the Crochet Chicks blog tell me what you think. :)

Bezzie said...

I think she's cute, not scary!

Laurah said...

What? Elvira isn't cool?
Your amigurumi is great! (Not scary or Elvira-like.) I've been scared to try hair like that. Seems like it would be time intensive and won't look right. Yours looks so good though! I love the purple and pink striped shirt.
Most ami patterns I've come across are like 3" so I'm not surpirsed that yours took so long at 20"!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful

Mimi said...

Looks like a lot of work put into it...that's why I don't make ami dolls. Yours turned out wonderful, she has personality ;)

CraftyAshley said...

I can't wait to try ami. I love how big your doll is. I hope your sister's like them. She looks cute.

Cami said...

I think she is cute, and I totally think she looks like Cathy. I was thinking that before I read it! Talk about hitting the nail on the head. I think they will like it!

Eliea said...

If you are really worried there's a "cuter" way to go.
Just do french knots for the eyes:

make a simple line for the mouth.
And leave off the nose.
Personally I think what might make it "scary" to your daughter is the nose and the eyes. The mouth looks cute! But the eyes are slightly odd to me.
Please don't take offense at that. I'm horrid at embroidering too! That why I use safety eyes instead. lol!

HobbyZu said...

I think she's adorable! She looks a lot like Cathy as well. :-)

Yarnjeannie said...

I think it's very cute! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.