Monday, December 24, 2007

I finished!!! (well, mostly)

I've gotten almost everything done! All I need to do is make 2 doll skirts and its all finished. Just 1 day before Christmas!!

Here's the second ami doll for one of the twins. This one came out better than the first, so much so, that I feel bad giving one of the twins the first doll. But there's no time to make another, so I hope they appreciate them anyway. I found an easier way to attach the hair which made this doll a much more pleasant experience for me. (and for you crochet spotters, the afghan in the back is the football afghan from Vanna's afghans A to Z book. Made it for hubby a few years ago).

Here's my 19 year old sister's gift. It looks pink in the picture but is actually winter white in Patons Classic Merino Wool. Its one of my St. Maurus headwarmers and a scarf. The scarf pattern in the same one I've been using over and over again the last few months. Its fast, easy, and really pretty when done.

This is mom's gift. The pic is awfully dark, but you get the gist. Its a headwarmer and neckwarmer made from Patons Classic Merino Wool. The neckwarmer is just dc done for 9 rows...just long enough that it gives that crumpled look.

Last but not least, is an afghan I made for my grandfather. This is the swirls afghan from Quick and Easy Afghans. Most of the afghans in this book use an N hook and 2 strands of yarn. In the book, the afghan is all white, but I thought all white was impractical, so I used green and white. I finished this one back in June when I was layed up for 2 weeks when I was hurt. It was alot of work and I hope he likes it.

My poor dad isn't getting anything handmade, though I had wanted to make him a matching hat for the scarf I gave him for his birthday. I'll make him one as an after Christmas gift. Instead he's getting a dvd and a photo calendar.

I'm putting these gifts in baskets, and filling the baskets with a bunch of the goodies I made plus some homemade hot chocolate mix.

Santaland went well. The line was fairly long but moved fast. Pi got tongue tied when we got to see Santa and could barely eek out 2 words. She looked petrified but was fine once we left. I think the kid has anxiety issues. She gets really shy and nervous when she's around people she's not familiar with. She even bit her lip so badly before her Christmas show that its all blistered now. Poor kid. She's playing an angel today at Mass. She volunteered and only has 2 lines, so hopefully she won't be overly nervous.

Other than that, yesterday was spent doing chores. We scrubbed the apartment and did laundry. I even trimmed some of the plants. Well, I'd better run...lots to do today before Mass and then going to my aunt's house.

In case I don't post tomorrow, I want to wish you all a safe, healthy, happy, blessed, and Merry Christmas!!!!


Lesalicious said...

Have a wonderful Christmas. I see you be a busy busy gal love all your projects. Take care. Merry Christmas:)

Bezzie said...

Way to make it to the finish line! I love the green and white afghan (yeah all white is just screaming for a major spill!)

Merry Christmas!

Laurah said...

I love the swirl pattern for the blanket. I've seen some shawls before made with that pattern but it was nice to see one with a color variation.
The shell stitch for the scarf is pretty! Looks lacey without giving up on warmth. I like the color combo on the neck warmer. Haven't see that color in Pattons before. Maybe I just wasn't looking?
Love the ami doll! The hair on this one looks great too. The eyes are so detailed. It really gives her personality.
Dads are so hard to shop for and mine is not the handcraft-wearing type. Good call on the DVD. That's what I usually do. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

CraftyAshley said...

Those are great gifts. I am glad your second ami doll went well. I can't wait to make some ami now that the holidays are done. I hope you had a Merry and safe Christmas!!!

Laura said...

Very nice gifts, especially the cream-colored scarf (very pretty!).

A belated Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Caroline said...

All your projcts are just beautiful. Everyone was lucky to have you giving the gifts!!!

Sharkmeat said...

do you actually have one of those mannequin heads at home then? spooky.

Anonymous said...

hi, just want to let you know that the manicann head you are using is a tad creepy. oh yeah, its Joyce :)