Thursday, December 27, 2007

Swap Swap Gals

I've joined Lesa's new Swap blog. In order to participate, I have to answer a few questions here on my blog:

Hobbies? Crochet, reading, and baking! I also like to watch movies/dvds with my family. We try to do a family night once a month, where we watch a kid friendly movie, make cookies and popcorn. Its fun!

Crafts? Crochet is my biggest craft. Sometimes I scrapbook too. I also keep a journal for my daughter, where I write down the funny things she says and paste pictures. I'd like to learn to sew and knit one day.

Favorite Colors? Blue is my all time fav color, but I also love greens, browns, pink...basically all colors...although I won't wear bright yellow or neons.

Favorite Animal? Cats. I can't have pets, but cats are my fav pet. My favorite zoo animal has to be monkeys and penguins.

All Dislikes? I don't like the smell of vanilla scented things and I'm not a fan of fun fur yarn.

Favorite Candies? Anything chocolate!! Really, I have a sweet tooth and will eat just about any candy you put in front of me!

Favorite Smell Goods? I love the smell of strawberry, raspberry, linen, baby powder, lavendar and apples.

Other things you may like or may not like? I love coffee. I never used to drink it regularly, but over the last year I must have at least 1 cup a day! It starts my day off right. Also, I'm Catholic and love little religious things like prayer cards, little statues, medallions, or t-shirts. I also like headbands...I wear a headband nearly everyday to keep my hair out of my face. I LOVE big purses!!! I don't know why but there is something about having a nice big purse that just makes me so happy!

The swap should be fun Lesa! Thanks for inviting me to join!


Lesalicious said...

Glad you join on in :)Never know you just maybe one of my swap parters:)

Sabrina said...

Hi Partner! I'm looking forward to
this swap.