Friday, December 28, 2007

Going Green

Lots of people bring their own bags to the grocery store, as not to cause more waste by using plastic or paper bags. That's cool and I'm all for going green, but today I saw someone who must really be passionate about going green.

I went to the cafeteria at my job to get lunch (didn't feel like going outside). There is a salad bar in one corner and most people use the salad containers that are provided to make their salad. On my way past the salad bar (you didn't really think I got salad, did you?), I saw a man filling up a tupperware with his salad instead of using the containers! The cashiers weigh your container, so I'm sure that he pays more for his lunch just by using tupperware, but it must be worth it to him. Personally, I wouldn't bring a tupperware and pay extra for lunch, but more props to this guy for being really green.

Kelly, here's a pic of me from Christmas Day with my trenchcoat. I don't have a front pic, since I was being silly with my sister.

Laurah, you're right, I am very lucky to have a kid with so much Christmas spirit. In general, she's a happy kid and keeps me from growing up too fast. I joke with her that we're growing up together, since I had her when I was 19. The thought of mom still "growing up" makes her giggle.

I can't keep my hook far from my hands too long. Last night I started two projects. One is a small project for my Pay it Forward, so I can't share anymore about that.

The other is Laurah's pattern called Through Any Window Baby Blanket. My cousin is due to have a baby in February and I thought this would be a great pattern to try. So far I'm only on row 7, since hubby and I watched a few episodes of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you haven't seen it, this show is hysterical! Definitely don't watch with kids around as there is alot of crude humor, but really really hysterical. Funnier than The Office.


CraftyAshley said...

Nice coat secret agent.I'm curious on how your Through any Window blanket is going. Are you doing the first or second version. My SIL was having a bit of trouble with the first version. How are you doing with it and can we see pics?

Laurah said...

The trench coat looks really good on you! Still thinking about that fedora?
Never seen someone use tupperware for the salad bar. I know in Oregon they require you to get a new plate in a cafeteria if you want seconds. I wonder if a container not washed on the premise would fly.
I'll have to check out the tv show It's Always Sunny... As an Office fan I'm intrigued.
I'm excited to see the progress on the blanket! Anything beyond the tester's 11 rounnd swatch is pretty exciting.

Lesalicious said...

Love your trench coat. Cute. Ohhhh I can't wait to see how that blanket turns out. I see you doing your pay it forwards also. Good luck.

Bezzie said...

This is creepy. I was *just* thinking about the waste those salad bar plastic containers creates. What if tupperware dude just washed out a normal salad bar container and reused that? That's what I'd probably do!

LOVE the trenchcoat!

Anonymous said...

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Kelly said...

I love it!!! thanks for sharing.