Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Soley Granny Square Hats!

Laurah is the first person to make a granny hat from my pattern! I never had it tested, so she's technically my first tester! Thanks Laurah!

She gives alternate hooks sizes to make the hat toddler and child sized. She also put her own round granny spin on the second hat. I love it.

Laurah, your hats look better than mine! Also, your photography is amazing!

Go check out her site, peeps! thekidneybean


CraftyAshley said...

I too will follow her lead after Christmas. I saw her site and they look good. Great job Christina for the design and great job Laurah! I hope your cold is getting better.

Laurah said...

Thanks Christina! They were so much fun to make and I love that the hat is made of motifs. Crocheting circles is too boring and I always somehow miss one increase and have to frog a million times. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us. The black and pink one looked so cute on your daugter I had to crochet a few!

Lesalicious said...

WTG you got your patterning tested that is so a honor. I went to check out Laurah blog and the hats looks great.:)