Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Burnt Orange Hat

I made a hat for a co-worker to match a scarf she has. The scarf is tan with a burnt orange color as an accent. It was a difficult color to find, but I finally found a great matching yarn at Seaport Yarns (more later on that!). The yarn was Mission Falls, 1824. Its 100% wool and feels so nice. Its a bit pricier than what I usually spend on yarn, but the color was impossible to find in any other yarn.

This hat was made with the same pattern as the pink one I made earlier this month.

Here it is with flash on the camera, so you can get an idea of the color.

Here's a pic under lamplight without flash. You can see alot more of the texture of the hat in this one. I like hats with texture!

Under lamplight again with no flash. You can really see the flower here even though this pic is a little blurry.

Onto my adventures at Seaport Yarns! Though I work fairly close to Seaport Yarns, I'd never ventured over there before. Its more catered to knitters (in my humble crocheter opinion), but the place is crazy! Good crazy, not bad crazy.

Its located in an old office building that has no signs out front indicating the yarn store is in there. Totally nondescript. You go up to the fifth floor and are let out at what looks like a regular office. When I peeked into the door, I saw tubs of yarn thrown onto a sofa and knew I was in the right place.

The inside is still set up like an office...long narrow hallway and a bunch of rooms off of the hallway, that were obviously once personal offices. But that's where the office resemblence goes out the window.

The hallways are jammed packed, wall to wall with yarn. Each office has tubs, baskets, and shelves full of yarn. Its literally overwhelming to look at. Nothing is labeled very well, but the owner is really nice and helped me to find what I needed right away. She's very eccentric, but in a cool way. You can tell she loves yarn and knows her stuff!

There were FO's everywhere too, to show what the yarn looks like worked up. I thought that was awesome! The selection of books is huge, especially for such a small store. Its a little pricey for my everyday run of the mill projects, but I'll definitely go back for better yarn for bigger projects. I already bought some Plymouth wool to make my little monster a cardigan.

Overall, I say its defintely worth a visit to this store if you're in the area! I probably could have browsed there for hours.


Lesalicious said...

No matter where I go that has yarn it is always amazing to me lol. I went shopping today and when I came home I didn't not realize I had 4 big bags of yarn WOW. Oh you will see updated pics on that on my blog SOON lol.

Love the hat I know your co-worker will LOVE IT. I love that burnt orange not a orange color kind of gal but, that is cute.:) great job.

Anonymous said...

The hat is great! The texture almost resembles the texture on the sweater I am doing now. Maybe you could do a video, going in and looking for yarn in that shop! It sounds like a yarn lover's heaven!

Artemis said...

Now I'm itching to go there. Maybe I'll get a chance when I come to visit. :)