Thursday, October 4, 2007

Shells Poncho

The poncho I frogged last week is finally coming together. I finished both pieces of the body. The only thing holding me back from actually finishing it is that I can't find a yarn needle.

I had a metal one for years that was the perfect size...I loved loved me. It was the only yarn needle I ever needed and we were great together. Alas, we are no more. I have no idea where my yarn needle is.

I ordered new ones (plastic) from Joanns. They arrived and looked great. They promptly disappeared the very next day! GAH! I don't have a pet who could have swiped them. They are not in the couch cushions because we don't own a couch.

Little monster's teacher always says the paper fairy came and took her papers when she can't find them. So I'm just going to roll with it and say the crochet fairy took my needles. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I tried posting a pic of both body pieces but it won't load to blogger for some reason. But the up-close shot of the shells loaded, so that's what you get. This poncho was made with Red Heart Super Saver in Desert variegated yarn (my co-worker picked out the yarn).

As soon as my newly ordered (metal) yarn needles arrive, I'll whipstitch this together and post a pic of the FO.


Anonymous husband said...

"The poncho I frogged last week is finally coming together."

You wrote frogged. hahahhahahaha!


Christina said...


You're such a dork!

Anonymous said...

LOL, you guys are sily! The poncho looks awesome so far! I found my plasic, (only) yarn needle a few days ago while cleaning around the tv.

Christina said...

Ooh, good idea! I should try sweeping and see if it fell under something.