Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Unannounced visitor...

This little chica decided that she was going to hang out with my family last night. She landed on a note from Pi's school that was sitting on my hubby's desk. Maybe she wants to go to Catholic school? Little monster was really intrigued by the ladybug. She's never seen one up close before and this ladybug was very cooperative. She didn't move for quite some time, giving us a chance to take a picture of her and look at her up close. You're probably laughing at my intrigue over a ladybug, but hey, if you live in a big city, these things are rare!

Next onto the promised pictures of weekend craftiness. Lesa said she was going to sue me if I didn't show the pics, so I got moving! :)~ Thanks for the motivation Lesa!

Here are the hats I made. 3 are newborn size, 1 is preemie size, and 1 is toddler sized. I used a variety of free patterns I found off the web and Caron Simply Soft in pink and blue.

I also made 5 fleece scarves with crochet edging (thanks to my edgerydoo!). I've got 5 more to do this weekend in different fabrics and colors. These are really easy, though time consuming because I used such a small hook. The yarn I used is Red Heart Baby Soft in Tangerine and TLC Essentials in black. They are so so soft!

I had a teensy ball of yarn left over from the poncho in the last post. It wasn't enough for a hat, so I whipped up a matching headband instead. It ties in the back and looks much prettier in person than in this picture. I didn't use a pattern...just sort of made it up as I went along. I wanted it to have some texture, so I bunched up some shells and it gave the headband a really nice feel.

Last but not least, I decided to make this cupcake pincushion. This pattern rocks because the stitches used makes the bottom of the cupcake ridged, like real cupcake paper! How cool is that? The sprinkles are just pins with colored heads. I think this is a really cute stocking stuffer idea! Here's the pattern.

So there you have craftiness so far this week. Enjoy!


Lesalicious said...

LOL I have now drop the law suit lol. Love that pinscushion so cute. Everyone will be happy with your work love it. :) Did great job on those scaves will have to try that out. :)

Lesalicious said...

Christina to post you have to accept the invite I sent you it may be intital Blogger invite check your spam after you accept that then you is able to go to Crochet Chicks you should be able to see the dash board at the top that would say New TOPIC that is how you know you can post then. Need any more help please yell. :)

Anonymous said...

Ciao! I have been wanting to make the cupcake for booger - butt, yours turned out great! I really like the hats, too. I want to make baby another one, but with ear flaps.

Karen said...

oooh, I love that little cupcake! I may have to break out the rarely used crochet hooks and attempt that!

All moments remembered said...

I love the cupcake!! Way cute!!! Looks like fun around here!