Monday, October 15, 2007

I love surprises!!!

Today started off like any other bleh Monday but it sure got better in a hurry! The co-worker who I made the poncho for bought me One skein by Leigh Radford as a thank you! Score! That was so sweet of her! I love surprises!

I was crafty this weekend too, but I just haven't taken pics of anything. Since Piper wasn't home this weekend, I kicked my butt into high gear (in between naps of course). I've been working on some winter projects for the upcoming sale at Pi's school. I've managed to get 3 baby hats, 1 toddler hat, and 5 fleece children's scarves done over the last few days. I'm also about 75% done with a poncho for a co-workers 4 year old.

I've made a list of projects I want to get finished for the sale and a timeline to go with it. I think making the timeline was a bad idea. I am such a Type A personality that if I fall behind on the timeline, it drives me insane.

Case in point: On Friday, I was supposed to have finished one of the baby hats but was so tired when I got home that I took a nap instead. I woke up in the middle of the night and stayed up until 6am to finish the hat before allowing myself to go back to sleep. Also, last night I had 4 of the fleece scarves completed, but my timeline said I was supposed to have 5 done this weekend. So instead of relaxing and winding down for bed, I was up until 11pm (I need to wake up at 5)finishing the scarf.

So while I may be tired this morning, I have a sick sense of accomplishment that only a Type A can understand. :)


Anonymous said...

WAY KOOL on the book!! That is excellent! You have ONLY 15000 people in front of you for your Ravelry invite??? I am still ryin to figure out how I got in so soon. Oh, well. Thanks for the mittens pattern! Do you think I should go down a hook size, since baby is only 1?

Christina said...

If you're using a thick yarn, I'd go down a hook size. If you're using something lighter, then you can probably use the same hook size.

Though, I crochet really tightly, so I go up a hook size (at least!) on every pattern I make!

Anonymous said...

Ciao! Ty for the opinions on hook sizes and such. I may just experiment and see what I get, but I want to make a pair of booties first. BTW, we usually don't go to bed until around 10-ish, and,,,, we are 6 hours ahead of you.

Lesalicious said...

I also love suprises myself. That was so nice of her. I see you had a crafty weekend can't wait to see pics of all your weekend projects.:) Don't you just love been so crafty lol. I know I do.