Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Not so bad...

High School Musical on ice wasn't too bad. Who would have thought I'd say that? The music was all pre-recorded (obviously) but the skaters were really entertaining. I spent most of the show watching my little monster. She was *so* excited, singing and dancing in her seat, that I couldn't help but laugh. After the show, she told me she had a "blast." She's starting to sound like a teenager.

At the end of the show, she waved at the skaters and screamed "bye Zac Efron, bye" with a very sing-songy, lovey voice. It wasn't Zac Efron, but she thought it was. Can my little girl be old enough for a crush already? ALREADY? **checks mirror for gray hair**

She's reading chapter books now, so I made her an apple shaped bookmark last night. My camera is dead, so I didn't get a pic of it last night, but I promise to charge the camera and get it posted tomorrow.


Anonymous(Maybe not your husband) said...

I heard you have a thing for corban blue(sp....I think he spells it french style Ha!)

Christina said...

Its Corbin Bleu. Your spelling is stinky.

Well, I don't have a thing for him since he's like 3, but he and I have similar hair. LOL!