Monday, October 22, 2007

It was quite the domestic weekend.

I was feeling really domestic this weekend. In addition to being crafty, I felt the need to cook and bake for my family. Alot. Weird, huh?

First, here's my craftiness for this weekend. Scarves galore! It was a little strange working on scarves when it was nearly 80 degrees outside, but I'm glad they're done! I'm still on point with my timeline, heehee.

The scarf on the left is another one skein scarf in a navy blue. I used some stash RHSS yarn I found. The rest are all children's fleece scarves made with the edgerydoo (I swear Marleen from edgerydoo is not paying me, LOL).

I also managed to finish a 12" granny square that is for my grandmother's Christmas gift. I need 24 squares and have 7 so far. I need to get crackin on that.

On Sunday night, I decided I was going to try my hand at an apple pie. I like to bake but haven't really delved into pie-making before.

Here are the apples after they've been coated in the cinnamon and sugary goodness.

The crust and I didn't particularly get along. You can see that the crust cracked on top. I also had a hard time making pretty scallops on the edge of the crust.
Christina vs. Crust, Round 1. Crust wins.

Oh, but I have my revenge! Though there is the cracked part, the crust browned so nicely!

Christina vs. Crust, Round 2. I win! Wooo!

I also baked this cake on Saturday night. I got the idea from Jeanie's blog. My cake wasn't as pretty as the one in the picture either, but it was really good, especially when chilled. Definitely a recipe we will be having again.
Little Monster was a bit of a crab this weekend. Just so you get an idea of what being a crab looks like for little monster....

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Anonymous Husband said...

You ROCK in the kitchen!

Lol@ The kid's picture. So many captions could be added to it. HAHAHAHA!

Christina said...

Thanks hubby!

Yeah, her pic is hysterical! If looks could kill...

Anonymous said...

OOOO,,, cake looks exquisite, as does your pie! I tried baking an apple pie once,,,,, LOLOL! Little Monster is precious!

Lesalicious said...

OMG your blog just made me hungry oooooo you been heating up the kitchen I see love that apple pie. Awww look at your daughter all kids have they monster days lol. I know mines do. :) Oh by the way love your new picture of you, looking nice:)