Sunday, October 7, 2007

I'm seeing stars!

Since my new yarn needle hasn't arrived yet, I spent the weekend working on a baby starghan. It was a super simple pattern from and worked up very quickly. The white/variegated yarn is Lion Baby Soft and the mint green is Caron Simply Soft. The patterns calls for an F hook, but since I crochet so tightly, I used an H and it worked perfectly. The starghan measures 38" from point to point.

Since I don't have a real baby to show the starghan with, I borrowed one of the little monster's dolls. The doll is about newborn size (from what I remember anyhow).

Little monster calls her dolls her children. Yes, little monster says that baby doll is my grandchild. Sheesh, when did I get so old? :)~

I like this pattern so much, that I plan on making another in pinks and purples. But first, little monster insists I make one of her children a new shirt. LOL

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