Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lacy Shells Poncho

Ok, so I still haven't taken pics of my weekend craftiness. I'm a scrub...sue me!

But I do have a pic of the lacy shells poncho I was making for my co-worker's 4 year old daughter. I used the Lacy Shells pattern from Luv2Crochet. This pattern was beyond simple and fast! I absolutely LOVE the patterns on this site. Chelle really knows how to design pretty but functional little girls patterns.

I used 2 strands of TLC Cotton Plus in lavendar with a K hook. This is seriously the softest garment I've ever made.


Anonymous Husband said...

Whoa! You finished it? LOOKS GREAT!

Maybe now you can get started on my crochet floor length matrix trench coat!

Christina said...

Thanks hubby!

Yep, finished it on the subway this morning. :)

Ok, ok! I'll start on your trench coat. Did you say you wanted that in pink or purple? C'mon, Neo can rock those colors. :)

Lesalicious said...

Nice your friend's 4 yr old going to go crazy over that great job. LOVE IT.

Ok don't know why I never asked you this before but, I have a blogger group called Crochet Chicks trying to get more crocheters on there so wanted to ask you if you wanted to join Crochet Chicks blog check out the blog if your like. http://crochetchickss.blogspot.com/
If you want to join just leave a comment on my blog :waving: your hands back and forth in excitment lol :) and I will surely add you.

Keep on crochet MS. LADY. Oh yeah I am going to SUE you lol. Lets see those pics lol.