Friday, October 19, 2007

Goodbye Joe Torre!

I'm not a Yankees fan in the least (Go Mets!), but I've got to say hats off to Joe Torre. After 4 World Series Titles and 12 seasons in the playoff, I have to say that's pretty impressive. I wish him luck in his future career.

Onto craftiness...I made another one skein scarf with Homespun. Boring I know, since I did the same exact thing a month ago, but I really love the way this yarn works up.

I think I may have glazed over when I made the chain, because this scarf is waaaay longer than the last one I made and took a little more than a skein (good thing I had some left over from the last scarf). Seriously, when I tried it on, it reached my knees without being wrapped around my neck. Scarf for a giant!!


Anonymous said...

How cool! I got a skein of homespun in with the threads that Pa sent, and was wndering how it works up. After reading this post, I am eager to use it. I think I want to do a hat for baby,,,

Jeanie said...

Pretty scarf! I can't seem to work with Homespun, I have a ton of it since I picked it all up when it was on sale. Hmmm, I need to try again! Oh and I'm a Yankees fan too! DH is from NY! Nice blog!

Lesalicious said...

LOL it reached your knees just pituring that. Just throw it around your neck a couple more times it turned out great. Great job love that color yarn.