Thursday, October 2, 2008

Working with chenille.

Today was an awesome day. So awesome that I'm positive that tomorrow will suck big golf balls just to make things even.

After dropping the Pip off at school, hubby treated me to a cup of Dunkin's coffee (mmmm). When we got home, he made me breakfast! Sometimes I swear the man was dropped directly from Heaven.

After breakfast, I crocheted for awhile and then....get it comes....we napped! Together! For TWO HOURS! Joy! I love naps.

Onto the crochet. Christmas has been on my mind and I know that if I'm going to do a homemade Christmas, I needed to start now. I was going through the stash I bought from Smiley's back in May and found this crimson chenille yarn. I've never worked with chenille yarn before. What was I waiting for? It rocks! Its a super bulky and so so soft. I knew this had to become something for none other than Dirty Grandma.

Complicated stitches would get lost with this yarn because its so thick and plush, so simple was the way to go. The hat is simple hdc made in rounds and the scarf is really easy dc done in rows.

(Don't mind me...I'd only just gotten up from my nap and had sleepy written all over my face).

Here's a close up of the hat so you can see just how plush it is. I think Dirty Grandma is going to love it!

Oh yeah, the day just got even better. Hubby just asked me to get butter because he's going to make cookies!

Bye peeps, have to go get the butter before he changes his mind!


Bezzie said...

Dirty G will look smashing in that set--and just in time for the nippy weather!

Subway Hooker said...

Sweet, sweet, chenille. That color is PERFECT for you! It looks beautiful!

Laura said...

Very pretty, and I agree with the last comment - that red is a great color on you! I love chenille yarns, but I can't crochet with them - too hard to find the stitches. : (

Lucky you to get a home-cooked breakfast and cookies all in one day!

Lesalicious said...

I so love chenille. I have a couple that I also got from Smiley but, yet to use. You did a great job on the hat and scarf nice work. So soft aint it :)

Cami said...

Oh, I love chenille. It is a bugger to work with. Great job on these, they are so cute.

Anonymous said...

wow, that is an awesome set!! I love the color, and I love chenille!!!!

Zuleika said...

That red is gorgeous! Dirty Grandma will love it I'm sure.

So; exactly where were you standing when your hubby dropped out of Heaven. I may need to visit that spot. Purely for scientific reasons of course. ;-)

Caroline said...

The chenille looks so lush! Good work on the set!