Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shameless Promotion

I tried to post last night for over 2 hours, but my internet decided it hated me. We cancelled our home phone service and downgraded our cable last week, trying to save some money.

Ever since then the internet has been awful. Time Warner - crappy company extraordinaire - at its best. We had a tech come out this past Saturday who "fixed" the internet problem. By "fixed" I mean made it worse! I'll be calling tonight after 9 (when my cell phone minutes are free) to complain my tooshie off.

Onto my shameless promotion....I've opened an Etsy store!
I've been working on some patterns (and could use some extra income, lets be honest), so I had them tested and put them in my Etsy store today.

The first is a Baby Papoose. Its a cocoon type wrap that's awesome for swaddling babies without having to worry about a blanket falling off.

Next is the Cluster Purse. Its a medium sized shoulder bag with wide straps for comfort. Its a perfect size for my essentials plus a paperback book.

I've got some finished object that will go up within the next day or two also...some hats, baby booties, and a Big Headed Frog ami. Wish me luck, as I've never sold on Etsy before.
I finished another scarf for my Christmas gifts too...hoping to get a pic of that posted by tomorrow.


Snappish said...


Laura said...

How cute are those?! The baby papoose is a really clever idea!

I know what you mean about the home phone service - mine is atrocious, and constantly seems to be going up.

Good luck with the Etsy store!

Bezzie said...

I like the baby papoose! Plus it's just fun to say, papoose, papoose, papoose!

Good luck with Slime Warner.

Anonymous said...

Already on the baby papoose pattern! Great work btw! Good luck w/the store! And it really is fun to say papoose! I have to hustle and get all the baby stuff made now - my cousin's baby is due in January and I figured that would be a great addition to add!

(mescovedo on the 'ville)

Lesalicious said...

Congrats on your Etsy shop. LOve the baby wrap so cozy.

Zuleika said...

Congrats and good luck with your new store. Etsy is great for making a little extra money. :-)

Cami said...

Congrats! Good luck with your new store. I'm sure you will do great at it since everything you make is amazing.

Kristina P. said...

I will always welcome Christina's to my blog, even if they do spell their name incorrectly. ;)

Love your cute knit stuff. You should definitely have an Etsy store. I don't really know what an Etsy is, but I know they have cute stuff.

Anyway, I will be adding you to my Reader. Let the stalking commence!