Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We finally, FINALLY got around to carving our Halloween pumpkin. Hubby went to the fruit stand, bought the biggest pumpkin I've ever seen (easily 20 pounds) and then walked over 3/4 of a mile home with it on his shoulders. We have no car and the man is crazy.

We looked online for inspiration because we didn't want to do the regular old triangle eyes, nose and mouth. Hubby saw a pumpkin with a skeleton like face and we all fell in love with it!

I drew it freehand onto the pumpkin, Piper scooped the pumpkin goop out, and hubby carved.

Pretty cool if I may say so myself. Its very Nightmare Before Christmas-like.

We roasted the pumpkin seeds too. Yummmmmmm.

Until Halloween is over, I'm going to insist that candy corn is indeed a diet food. Don't ruin my thunder by telling me otherwise.


Kristina P. said...

No car? Wow, this is a scary ghost story! :)

Laura said...

Very cool pumpkin! I'm a bad mom - I have yet to even buy a pumpkin, or do much of anything for Halloween. I've been totally stressed out and exhausted lately.

I would love to live some place where it's not necessary to own a car. I hate that here in the Cleveland area it's so hard for me to get around with out knowing how to drive. And with everything being so spread out, combined with our lousy public transportation, so many families end up needing to own multiple vehicles just to get to work/run daily errands. My husband and I only have the one vehicle (our older minivan), but I hate having to deal with a monthly loan payment, insurance, repairs, gas, etc. It really is expensive.

Bezzie said...

My husband always picks the biggest pumpkin he can find too! I think it's a man-thing.

I love your final carved pumpkin!

Karen said...

LOVE the pumpkin!!

And uhm, YEAH, candy corn is def. diet food. And not just at Halloween. :)

CraftyAshley said...

Way to go hubby for hauling that pumpkin! Hey you are ahead of us we are carving our pumpkins tonight I just got them today. Your skeleton face is awesome.
Have a Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

That pumpkin is great! When you burn it, sprinkle some cinnamon in there!! MMMMM!!!! We have no car, either. I am going to market in the morning to look for pumpkin to make pies with, and if I can find one cheap enough, to carve.

Mimi said...

Happy Halloween!
You all did a good job on the pumpkin, its so cool!
Same with Laura, it is necessary to have a car here to be able to get around...and, it eats up a large chunk of the family's income :p

Aurora said...

WOW on the pumpkin!!! I think its awesome!!

Zuleika said...

What a cool pumpkin! Very scary as well. I miss candy corn. For the first time in forever, I've been without them during halloween. :-( I may have to give in and get them off ebay because I can't find them anywhere!