Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Stuff Galore

Sorry for the blog silence this week. This has been"one of those weeks." Even though its been a bit nuts around here, I did work my butt off on finishing the gifts for the baby shower we went to yesterday.

The first thing I finished was edging some Tigger fleece that I had in my fleece pile (which is getting smaller, oh no!). The days I was working on this, it was near 90 degrees. I should have left it for last because the last half of the week has been down right chilly and rainy. I used a simple x-stitch because it made a nice border without being too girly.

The latest Crochet Today magazine had the cutest little baby rattle in it. I used a half ball of Lion cotton left over from a FBB I made last year. This pattern is so simple, it makes me want to slap myself for not thinking of it! It is really beginner friendly. The magazine picture has a ribbon around the bunny's neck, but I left it off because it seemed a little dangerous, if you ask me.

Did you think I'd make a baby gift and not make a Kelly sweater? Pshaw! I love this pattern! I used RHSS (same as for the blanket) and car buttons that I had left over from a project last year. Its a size 3-6 months. Figured that would be best so the baby can use it in the fall.

There was a small amount of the Tigger fleece left over, so I fiddled with the sewing machine and made a hat. Its just a simple rectangle with the brim folded up and sewn. I used a baby hat chart to estimate the sizing. A little yarn in the corners and insta cute. Next time, I'll make the tassels just a little longer.

And because I'm completely insane, the morning of the shower, I decided I had to make baby booties. I used this pattern, but tweaked it a lot. I only used fleece so I skipped all the lining and interfacing parts. I friggin love them!!! I want to make a pair in my size. Seriously.

Here is Piper's giant baby, modelling the outfit (before I added the car buttons). Its neat how a combination of sewing and crochet makes for a different kind of baby set than I've ever made before.

Then off we went to Bethlehem, PA for the shower. It was supposed to rain all day, but the weather was gorgeous. I didn't even have to drive, thanks to Inky Binky's boyfriend.

Can you tell I am a city girl? This was so much green, I just had to take a picture!

I thought this cake was really cool! See how it says Baby J? The baby is a boy and will be named Julian.

We didn't get home until nearly 2am. It was a great time, but I'm just about spent. I'm spending all of today in my pjs, watching tv and hopefully napping.
In other news, I sent a certified letter to my landlord on Monday. I don't think they've picked it up from the post office yet. Wish me luck for when they do. Its on now!


Kristina P. said...

The rattle and sweater are so adorable! What a great idea with the rattle.

Laura said...

I agree, the baby projects are adorable! I really like that X-stitch edging on the blanket - I've never seen that before. How did you make holes in the blanket for the edging?

I love that cake too - that was a clever idea!

Snap said...

Wow! Your baby projects are just great! Guess I need to look at fleece! Pooh and friends are one of my favorite things (I need to add them to my fav things list). Cake made my mouth water!

Andrea Moberly said...

Everything looks great, christina! You've got some mad sewing skilz girl :) I totally love the booties, gonna have to try that out myself!

Bezzie said...

Love the baby ensemble! I like the edging on the fleece. Easy and cute!

I saw that bootie pattern on the site I got the kimono shoe pattern from. ;-)

Mimi said...

The baby set is totally cute!!
Clever cake design - so cool!

dalatskill said...

So cute !

Lorena said...

I love the baby booties!! You did great!
and the cake was awesome...

Katrina said...

Wow, you did a great job! What size crochet needle did you use to do the edging on the fleece blanket?

Oooh, that cake looks so good.