Saturday, May 16, 2009


Anyone who knows me, knows I love books. Like hugs, heart, kissy kissy kinda love. So this post just makes me tingle with all the new bookness of it all.

Last week, on Friday (this is important), I asked my sister Inky Binky is she needed anything from the bookstore. I had a reward and coupon I wanted to use. She mentioned she needed a book on Pipilotti Rist for a paper due on *drumroll please* Tuesday. See why Friday was important?

I looked up the book online at Borders and Barnes and Noble. Apparently, this book is not common and neither store had it in the store. It could only be ordered online. Since it was Friday, even one day shipping meant it wouldn't arrive until Monday. At a cost of an extra $16. Ouch! Panic ensued. For my sister, that means an exclamation of oh no! She doesn't get too worked up for the most part.

I asked the other 2 girls in my dept. for help to see if we could find it somewhere else. We searched and searched and found nothing, nada zip. Another exclamation of oh no! Then one of them reminded me about Strand books. I'm ashamed to say this since I live in NY, but I've never been there, so that store never crossed my mind. Lo and behold, their website said they had the book. Two copies and at half the price of the regular stores! *Insert angels singing* Inky wouldn't be able to get there before they closed, though, so big sis to the rescue. I picked up the book and dropped it off.

The point of that long story is that sis was very grateful that I found and picked up the book for her, since she was in such a crunch. So grateful that she showed up at my door with this as thank you! I've heard good things about this book. Thanks Inky Binky!

Remember I mentioned that bookstore reward and coupon eleventy billion paragraphs ago? Well, I went into Borders with the intention of buying something I would normally find much too expensive. I bought Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I probably won't touch any pattern in this book for awhile because my skills need improving. But for $1,50, how could I go wrong?? You read that right...$1.50! I had a 40% off coupon, plus $15 in Borders Bucks from doing online surveys. Damn, I love being cheap!

This little book was marked down 75% at the clearance table, so I picked this up for $5. Most of the patterns need DPNs, which I don't have, but hope to buy sometime soon.

Now do you see why I'm practically swooning over all this new bookness? :)


Caroline said...

I am soooooright with you about books, specially the crafty ones like you just got. I love just to peruse and daydream about projects.What a find!

Snap said...

Books are good ... any book! What fun you are going to have!

Laura said...

I adore books too! Unfortunately the only bookstore in downtown Cleveland is a tiny Borders Express. : ( At least they carry crochet magazines though!

That is an awesome deal you got on those books, and what a great big sister you are to go through all that trouble to track down that book for your sister!

Kristina P. said...

This is so sad to say, but I don't read nearly enough books! I need to read more!

Bezzie said...

I love the Strand, however--their knitting/crocheting section SUCKS.

I hope you stayed a bit to browse while you were there coming to little sis's rescue!

Lesalicious said...

Still a bookworm huh lol. I had to catch up went looking at all your latest projects great job. Loving all your sewing projects keep up the great work.:)

Lorena said...

I have been eyeballing the weekend sewing...I can not believe what you paid for it! that's awesome!!
I just bought comfort food...I guess you can call it the 3rd in the Friday Night knitting series. I haven't started it yet but I did preview it on Amazon.

Sweet Mama Jones said...

SCORE! Right on! Enjoy FNKC, I liked it & we even held a special book review meeting on a Friday night at our LYS to talk about it, which was fun. ;) I haven't read the 2nd one yet tho.

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