Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute

Today's Tuesday's Tribute is to indecisiveness.

After packing up my cubicle completely on Friday, we received a memo today stating that the move has been delayed 2 weeks.


I spent a portion of today UNPACKING, so I could work from my files the next 2 weeks. Talk about a time suck.

Indecisive people, this one's for you.



Subway Hooker said...

oh, sucko! Moving is bad enough - it is badder still when you have to do it twice!

Geez, they should be doing something extra nice for you for being flexible!

Kristina P. said...


Bezzie said...

I'm laughing only because I've been there and done that. We were supposed to have moved May 2008. It didn't ACTUALLY happen until the end of September.

Snap said...

I'm sorry, but I laughed! PEOPLE!!! It's always the workers who get screwed and the bosses who don't know what is going on!