Saturday, May 23, 2009

My very old floppy friend.

First, if you think anything like me, get your head out of the gutter. ;)

I started this little Floppy Friend back in 2007 back before I had a blog. All the pink parts of the bear were done, but I never got around to finishing him after I had gotten hurt. I totally forgot about him until recently when I found all the pink bits stuffed into a gift bag on a shelf.

The pink yarn I used for him is long gone. I can't remember if I had used it for something else or if it just got lost when we moved in 07. I figured a contrasting color couldn't look too bad, so he was finished with an ecru color. I love the combo and think it gives the bear some character. I'm glad to have finished a forgotten UFO and also have another toy for the toy drive. I think you peeps are right...20 toys is doable.

I've started another toy, but this one is knit! I really dig this whole tri-crafty thing. There's no way to get bored.
In other news, we're nearly done with the move for work. I spent all this week packing the last of my desk. The movers will start taking things this week and by Thursday night, our computers will be gone too. I never knew how much stuff you can accumulate and store in a teeny cubicle over the course of six years. I'll be glad when its all over, even though it has been nice to wear jeans on Friday for the last few months!

Happy Saturday peeps! Enjoy the sunshine.


Snap said...

I like the little bear. Good way to use up scraps! Have a great weekend/holiday!

Caroline said...

Funny to hear you're moving too! Its a pain! But my new space is way better!!! Soooo worth it!

Cami said...

Yay, another UFO finished. Isn't that the best feeling? And super cute too!

Cadance said...

OH...that is WAY TOO cute!

Bezzie said... envy on the move. Have fun settling in to the new place!

Ally said...

Looks great, and good job on finishing a UFO! =)