Monday, May 11, 2009

Lots of stuff...creative, huh?

My little monster is home sick today and I'm home with her. Hubby would normally be home with her, but he was called to jury duty. His first time as a Brooklyn resident. I can tell the kid is actually sick because she's been well behaved and even napped for an hour and a half. Usually, you can't pay her to nap.

So onto the random updates for the week. First, my mom had a sonogram, which said that the fibroid was only about 3cm big That's a lot smaller than the doctor suspected, so he sent her for a CT scan. The CT scan said the fibroid was at least 9cm big. That confirms that mom will need surgery at the end of this month. Most likely it will be a partial hysterectomy, since the doctor wants to remove her uterus but save her ovaries. Since she's so young, he thinks its better to leave them and prevent a lot of estrogen therapy. The doc suspects there are more fibroids behind the large one, so he ordered an MRI for a clearer view. She's going this week, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Speaking of my mom, I decided to sew a Lots of Pockets tote bag for Mother's Day. My first mistake was planning! My plans always go awry! haha!

While the bag looks great from the outside, I somehow managed to get the bag stuck in the feed dogs as I was doing the last top stitch and I made the mistake of tugging on it, so there is a big rip in the lining. Its in a weird spot that is not easily fixed and even if I did, it would be obvious. I don't have anymore of the lining fabric to take it apart and replace it either. So, I fixed it as best I could and decided to keep it. I'll make mom another one and will have hopefully learned from my mistakes. I'd rather not give her an imperfect bag if I can help it.

Mom digs shiny anything, so I'm going to make her another bag out of this fabric. When I say shiny anything, I mean anything! She once passed down a whole bag of tank tops that didn't fit her anymore and in that bag were a shiny gold and shiny silver tank. Like superhero shiny. No joke! :)

On the landlord front, those buggers never picked up my letter and it will be mailed back to me tomorrow. Bezzie was right when she said they would come for the rent. The cowards sent their kid, so I couldn't give the kid hell. Not his fault, ya know? So I called 311 today and got the 411 (Mary J. Blige, old-schoolers??) about how to make a formal complaint. Turns out since this is a private rental, the proof of mailing is helpful but not necessary. The fact that I have it and loads of pictures will just make our case stronger. They'll even send an inspector to my apartment. So I'm waiting for hubby to get home so we can discuss when to make the complaint and then it's really going to be on!

Anyway, since my little monster has been in bed all day, I re-introduced crochet. She hasn't had much interest the last few months, but a day in bed and a new stitch was just the thing to cure that. I taught her how to do double crochet. Considering this is the first time with this stitch, she's rocking it. To make it sweeter, that's the hook I learned on too. *sniff*

And while she's crocheting, I am breaking in that new measuring cup (love pyrex...awesome stuff) and cake pan. Cake from scratch, here I come!


Kristina P. said...

I love the fabric on those bags! I am thinking of your mom!

Snap said...

Hope Pi feels better soon. Thinking about your Mom. Ptui on the landlord .... go get 'em. Save some cake for me! :D

Laura said...

That's such pretty fabric for the purse! And I'm amazed at how quickly Pi picked up crocheting, too. I hope your Mom's surgery goes well. As someone who's had two major abdominal surgeries, I sympathize with her having to have that surgery.

I hope your husband enjoys jury duty. I've been called three times in the past 6 years. I actually enjoyed it - it beat going to work!

Good luck with the landlord, too! Maybe this will make him think twice about not maintaining his rental property(ies).

Bezzie said...

I dig that bag!!!! Hope your mom and Pi feel better soon!

And way to go on getting the 411 from 311. Too bad the kid came to get the money. Jacknards couldn't even show up themselves. Pish!

Lorena said...

Those fabrics are awesome! and I bet you did an excellent job on the lots of pockets...even if the fabric stuck. ( I've done it a million times!) You'll get it next one.
Good thoughts headed your way for your mom and you.