Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute
Today's Tuesday's Tribute is to Brooklyn in Bloom. Nothing lifts my spirit much more than the trees finally turning green. Bye bye winter!

This beauty of a tree is in my backyard. Gorgeous, isn't it?

Its been warm enough to enjoy the playground.

My block is showing signs of green.

Hubby's mini pot garden is starting to grow.

The green, the pinks, the extra light at night, and some warmth have improved my mood so much. Yay Spring!


Kristina P. said...

I am coming to NYC in July and I am so excited! I have missed the city so much.

Snap said...

Oh, yes! Here's to Spring! Yippeee!

Bezzie said...

any bees this year??? Hooray mini pot gardens!

Laura said...

I love spring too - it's my favorite season! I see row houses in one of those pictures - I've always loved row houses, but they're extremely rare in Cleveland. : (

Cadance said...

HEY! I found you cause we have mutual bloggy friends! So...thought I'd stop by...and guess what..we are basically neighbors! Well you live a lot closer to me than any other of my blog friends! We live on Long Island on the south shore...my husband works in Manhattan.

your blog is fun & I love your pictures!....don't you wish this rain would STOP! Last weekend was SO beautiful...we were laying on the beach...today...not so much! =)