Monday, May 18, 2009

She's leaving on a jet plane.

Yesterday, I dropped off my sister Inky Binky at the airport for her first European vacation. She's been working and going to school, so she was able to treat herself to this trip. Her first stop is Frankfurt, then onto another plane to Amsterdam. After a few days there, she'll be in Paris. I wanted to fold myself up as small as possible and sneak into her suitcase.

The morning of her trip, I decided she HAD to have a passport holder. Ok, so she didn't actually need it, but it was a fun excuse to make something different.

I had a passport lying around from when I went on my honeymoon a few years ago. I measured around the passport and added a half inch seam allowance. It's a big seam allowance, but I wanted to make sure it didn't turn out too small.

Inky Binky is left handed, so I added an elastic band on the opposite side of what I would feel comfy using. I figured she could wear this on her wrist in the airport and not have to continually open up her purse for her passport or ID. Add a (crooked) buttonhole, sew the button on and viola!

A small, but satisfying project. We were pretty busy this weekend, so this quelled my craving for something crafty.


Ally said...

That is so neat. =)

Thanks for the sweater sizing info, I thought her patterns were sized for newborns.

Laura said...

What a clever idea! And how lucky your sister is to get to go to Europe!

Bezzie said...

Did you line it with aluminum foil so that Uncle Sam wouldn't be able to read the chip she might have in her passport thus keeping tabs on her at all times? What? No, you're not paranoid fanatic like me? ;-) I do like it! And I have buttonhole envy--crooked or not!

Andrea Moberly said...

Very cute, I'm sure she appreciated it!

Snap said...

What a neat idea. I'm sure your sister loved it!

Kristina P. said...

Only you would come up with such a neat idea!

Cadance said...

That's cute...I just sent away for the boys and my pass-ports (mine renewal) We are going to the Cayman islands !!! I am so excited...I'm tired of this "it's wait it's not wait IT IS in NY!" I am used to VEGAS sun! So I am complaining right now!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It IS good to know someone on the East coat blogs too! Hey I'm meeting a blog friend for lunch in Manhattan on Tuesday...I feel weird telling you this..(but since Kristina P. trusts you I feel OK) If you are in the area...wanna lunch too...we'll have our kiddos...just thought I'd throw it out there...hope that is not weird! I know those SLC bloggers are always doing meet-n-greet parties! I will NOT be wearing a snuggie though...hope that is NOT a deal breaker!

Anonymous said...


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