Thursday, May 28, 2009

Of mickeys and flies

Hubby and I were walking home from my parent's house this past weekend and who do we see standing out front of my house? The unresponsive landlord. It was clearly too late for him to avoid us, so he does what a jerk would a big smile and asks if the mouse problem has gotten better.

Say what?!? Dude, did you send the rodent fairies to take care of the issue because you surely didn't do it yourself!

Hubby has repeatedly asked me to be polite because I have a tendency to fly off the handle when I'm angry. But I was mad and wasn't about to be nice. I told dear landlord that no, in fact the problem was worse....way way worse and that we needed an exterminator (duh!) to take care of the issue. You know, the same thing we said when we called and wrote to you about the problem.

The moment I said the word "exterminator" the smile dripped right off of landlord's face. He said that he would drop by on Saturday to take care of the issue.

Saturday ticks by and no landlord.

Sunday afternoon, landlord shows up unannounced. At this point, I just let him in because the problem is too bad to turn him away simply because he showed up on the wrong day. Calendars must not be his strong suit. Way back in April, he said he'd show up the next Saturday and here we are in May. Must be nice to have a long, leisurely, 60 day April. I digress.

Before he starts on "resolving" the issue, he mentions how he spoke to an exterminator, who confirmed for him that we shouldn't leave food out on the counter, as that makes the issue worse.

Again, say WHAT?!?

I cut him off and told him that he can look on our counters and in our cupboards, because we do NOT leave food out or uncovered. In an angry voice, I let him know that we are NOT dirtballs (yes, I used that word). Landlord stutters and backtracks...saying that's not what he meant. Whatever! Move on!

So landlord tinkers in our apartment, making crazy noises, and doing who-knows-what for about an hour. He finished and announces that the problem was probably in the drop ceilings in the basement and he's taken steps to eliminate the problem.

Hubby and I throw the word "exterminator" in again for fun because it obviously makes him squeal. Landlord showed up again on Monday to "check out" his work. I'm just going to start screaming exterminator out of my window every time I have an issue because its the only thing that gets a reaction.

We haven't caught a mouse since then. I'm cautiously hopeful. I don't want to get too excited that the problem is totally resolved because its just too soon to tell. Cross your fingers that the Mickeys are gone for good.

Oh, and about the flies...

Most people get pretty birds and butterflies in their backyards when Spring rolls around. Not us. We get humping flies. My porch banister is apparently quite the love nest.

Bow chica wow wow!


Kristina P. said...

Your landlord sounds like a real piece of work!

Nice flies.

Snap said...


Had to laugh at the humping flies. :D

Kaye said...

Maybe the exterminator can get rid of the flies, or you can start charging people to watch. Dirty maggots!!

Good vibes to your mom!

T. Joi said...

Hey Christina...The new boo says "You Rock"