Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute
A Jay and Deb Production.

Today's Tuesday's Tribute is to the farmers of the world. Admittedly, I don't think about farmers very often. Living in the middle of a big city doesn't lend to random, stray farmer thoughts.

But now that Spring has arrived, hubby and I are itching to grow things. We got half decent results last year, but it wasn't overly impressive. Let's be honest, if we had to live off of what we'd grown, we'd be very hungry.

The thought of having to grow all of my own food, knowing I suck at it, made me realize just how much I need and appreciate farmers. Overalls and all. Thanks for growing things and all it entails....digging up soil, planting seeds, watering, harvesting, and mailing the goodies to me.

Well, not directly to me, but you know what I mean.

I want to thanks farmers for raising chickens too. I like chicken (duh, I'm Puerto Rican) and I like eggs. I could never kill a chicken myself after a traumatic experience. Well, it wasn't directly traumatic to me, but it was bad enough to watch. A bunch of underage children (actors) were exploited on TV (Kid Nation) and had to kill a chicken themselves because they were hungry and tired of going meatless.

After watching them do that (and a poor little girl who tried to save the chickens), I'm very glad that my chicken comes already plucked, sliced up, and trimmed. I'm glad my eggs come in a container and if one is broken, I can switch it out with another container.

Even knowing what a sucky city farmers we are, hubby and I still took the plunge. We planted our spring seeds. Maybe we can be half-assed city farmers.

Grow seedlings, grow. And, well, if they don't, I know the real farmers have got my back. Thanks farmers!


Amanda said...

Cute tribute! I've gained a new appreciation for farmers since that's what my boyfriends dad does for a living!

Laura said...

Very nice tribute! I love chicken too - it's my favorite kind of meat. I can eat chicken every day and not get tired of it. I couldn't eat meat either, if I had to kill the animal myself. I don't even like eating anything that still looks like the animal it came from, which rules out most seafood, other than frozen breaded fish filets. Yes, I'm weird, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

BRAVO! What an excellent tribute! The general society is blind to how important farmers are, they are the backbone of America, (in my opinion). Oh, I could write a book on this!

Kristina P. said...

Great tribute! And one I wouldn't have given a lot of thought to.

Karen said...

That episode of Kid Nation was awful. I like chicken too, but oof. I couldn't kill my own.

I planted seeds in starter pots too! My dill, basil, and cilantro are starting to sprout. As well as tomatoes. Woo! Grow little seedlings, grow!

Cami said...

I just love your tuesday tributes!

Mimi said...

Very good tribute!
I myself don't know anything about growing vegetables so I really appreciate the farmers and even the market vendors.
Sadly, a lot of farmers here don't get paid enough, and some are fighting for their right to farm a piece of land.