Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just call me McGuyver

The escape plan was a success! I think this may be a career changing experience for me. ;)

It started by calling the girl scout leader and begging her to take Piper on the trip without me. She's been our troop leader for 3 years now and was more than happy to help out. I was really disappointed about having to skip the trip because they were going to the Brooklyn Children's Museum, which is a lot of fun. Pi had a great time though, which is what counts.

After dropping her off with the troop leader, we drove to the PT place. I got slightly lost and more than slightly flustered trying to drive around the Grand Army Plaza Circle. For anyone who hasn't seen it, this is what it looks like.

Crazy traffic!

We get to the place and Grandpa immediately starts dressing himself in regular clothes while I call for the nurse. I explain that he wants to leave and no one is changing his mind. She walks out and very soon after, there is an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a floor nurse, and a supervising nurse standing in his room. They're all trying to convince him to stay, but he's not having that at all! They ask him to wait for Dr. Ickball to examine him and he says quite firmly "I'm not waiting for Dr. EIGHTBALL!"

We all burst out laughing. It was just one of those moments.

After much discussion, signing paperwork, proving he can hobble around a bit, and sarcasm, they agree to let him sign himself out. I got him into the wheelchair, they give him some goodbye Percocets, and we're off.

My hubby was pushing him to the car and Grandpa kept saying "this way James, lets go James..." My hubby's name isn't James, so I was majorly confused. I asked Grandpa why he was calling hubby James and Grandpa said that's what the rich people would call him. It suddenly dawned on me that he meant to call hubby Jeeves! LMAO!! Hysterical!

In the car, Grandpa was happy as could be and was talking A LOT more than I've ever heard him talk. Besides being happy to be out of the PT place, I'm pretty sure he was feeling the buzz from the Percocets. We got him home, he managed to get up the steps pretty well, and got settled in his favorite recliner chair.

I was prepared to stay with him all afternoon until my Grandma got home from work, but he promptly told me "Thanks, you don't need to stay with me." When I said I would stay, he said no. He wanted to be alone. McGuyver saves the elderly man in distress and gets the boot. Haha! He's such a personality.

After Pi got back from her girl scout trip, we went to Sears to look at mattresses. I want to compare prices online before buying, but she tried them all and decided which ones she liked best. I'm hoping to find a good deal on a mattress soon.

While we were there, we headed over to look at the sewing machines. The one I was looking at online had gone up $50 in price online. But it was still listed at the sales price at the store. Hubby told me to jump on it before the sale ended.

When we got to the checkout, it rang up at the higher price. Turns out that one of the employees from the night before forgot to remove the sales tag. A manager was called and she agreed to give us the sewing machine at the sales price, since the tag was still up.

I'm going to spend all of tomorrow playing with it. I keep looking at it, wondering if I really have my very own sewing machine. :) Its like love at first sight.

Side note on the manager: The cashier was next to a wall of display microwaves. As she was talking to us about the price issue, she popped chicken into one of the displays and warmed up her food. Ewww! Is it just me, or is that pretty gross? She warmed it in the display, in front of customers! Yeck.

Overall, it was an exhausting but interesting day, to say the least. Its not everyday you get to bust a guy out of rehab. ;)


Laura said...

Grandpa sounds too funny! Is the husband of Dirty Grandma?

Oooh, lucky you to get a sewing machine! One day I'll take a class and learn how to use one.

I got new mattresses with my income tax refund last year (my first new set in 16 years - yikes!), but I'm so disappointed with them. We got a firm set, thinking it would be good for my husband's back, because he has back pain a lot from an old injury, but these have turned out to be too firm, to the point where I wake up sore in the mornings. I wish that I had gone ahead and exchanged them for a different set when I still had a chance. Oh well.

I hope you grandpa feels better soon!

Laura said...

P.S. That's funny about the cashier, and I agree - that's inappropriate to cook her lunch in a display microwave, ha, ha!

Here's something that will gross you out too: my husband and I worked at a Burger King restaurant together many years ago, and one really busy Saturday, one our coworkers was working up front, and pulled her purse out from under the counter, took out a pad/sanitary napkin, and put it on the counter right next to the register, so she could take it with her to the bathroom after she finished the order she was working on. True story, ha, ha! My husband said all the customers in line who saw it looked totally disgusted, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fun escape! A little movie would have been SO awesome. LOL!

Cami said...

Yay! A new sewing machine at a great price, love it when that happens. Glad to hear your grandpa is okay. And yes, that is disgusting that she warmed up her food in the display microwave.

Jen said...

That cashier was so clueless. Not only was it improper to use the display equipment for her personal lunch warming - she shouldn't have been doing any personal business while helping a customer anyway!

Too funny about Grandpa. He's a pistol!

Lorena said...

Awesome sewing machine! Now you can put the sewing lessons to good use.
Next time you break someone out of rehab bring a camera crew...I would have loved to watch you mad mcguyver skills!

Artemis said...

Yay! You're going to have a lot of fun with that sewing machine. :D