Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Today's Tuesday's Tribute is about our departing president Mr. George Bush.

While I think that Bush was not a fabulous president (understatement) and not really a bright man (understatement), I have to give credit where credit is due. Mr. Bush did do a great deal for the Pro-Life movement and I applaud his Supreme Court appointments. Yet, by far, his best achievement has been the creation of Bushisms. Mr. Bush was quite possibly the funniest president this nation has ever had. Really, what other president inspired whole calendars with Bushisms?

Here are just a few of my favorites.

"Misunderestimate" (November 6, 2000).

"I'm the decider." (April 18, 2006).

"I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully." (September 29, 2000).

"You work three jobs? ? Uniquely American, isn't it? I mean, that is fantastic that you're doing that." (February 4, 2005).

"Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?" (January 11, 2000).

"It was not always certain that the U.S. and America would have a close relationship." (June 29, 2006).

"See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda." (May 24, 2005).

Sorry BO, as charming as everyone seems to think you are, you just can't rival Bushisms.


Kristina P. said...

Hahaha! I love this. These were the best pictures. He just always looks so slow.

Bezzie said...

I agree. BO maybe the end all to end all to the end all, but he's just not funny. There's nothing to poke fun at. Like a bowl of plain oatmeal. Yawn!
I didn't agree w/Bush on basically anything, but good lord he was spoofworthy!

Deb said...

oh and remember the one about letting the gynecologists practice their love?

Laura said...

That was too funny! I agree with Kristina P., ha, ha! My favorite is when Bush was speaking once about ethanol, and he said something like "Well, we can't use all the corn for ethanol. We've got to save some to eat". LOL! The man is definitely not a gifted orator!

Bezzie has a point about Obama, but Jon Stewart (from the Daily Show) does a pretty good job spoofing him.

Anonymous said...

I totally LOVE this post!! LOLOL!! EYE AGREE!!!!

Ally said...

Haha, gotta love those pictures!

Katrina said...

Funny Christina! If anything, Bush kept us laughing. I think we'll have to look toward Biden to give us some chuckles.

My favorite Bushism is: Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.