Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby Randi Part 3

Can you guys handle one more post about Baby Randi related stuff? This is the last one for awhile, I promise!

Tomorrow is the baby shower and I was given the job of making cookies. I bought a Wilton's teddy bear cookie cutter set. Basically its 3 cookie cutters and you stack the cookies you bake to make a bear shape.

My bears don't look anything like the ones on the box! These pink ones are ok I guess, but I'm not very happy with them. The icing recipe I used turned out too thin and it spread too much, even though I followed the recipe to the T.

Since it wasn't as thick as I wanted, the bear faces are not nearly as dark as I would have liked. I used regular old Betty Crocker for the ears, nose, eyes, and mouth. At least those are dark enough.

As much as I'm complaining about the pink ones, I really really don't like the purple ones! The color on those came out even worse. Not a fan.

Oh well. Even though I'm not nuts about them, I'll be bringing them to the shower anyway. They may not look pretty, but they do taste really good (I cheated on my diet a smidgen and had one).

Oh yeah, and these cookies are huge! One cookie is really enough for 2 people to share, easily!

Cross your fingers I have the willpower to stay away from all the sweets that will be there tomorrow. Besides the cookies, peeps are bringing brownies, cannolies, cake, cupcakes, and candy bags. Sigh!


Kristina P. said...

Christina, these are awesome! People will love them.

Ally said...

I think those cookies are adorable!

Laura said...

I agree - the cookies are adorable, and far better than anything I could have made! Did I mention I have no baking skills?

I know Baby Randi's mom is really going to be appreciate of all you're doing for her!

Subway Hooker said...

The votes are in and the cookies are adorable! Maybe they are not what you intended, but they are certainly fabulous to us!

How do you get so much done? Have you been secretly cloned???

Bezzie said...

They're very cute!!!

Cami said...

I think they look yummy! Can I have one? I'm sure they will be a big hit!

Anonymous said...



they look yummy!

Jen said...

Like everyone else said - they're absolutely wonderful! I'm sure they'll be a big hit.

Purple and pink are hard colors to get in a baked item. The natural browning of the cookies, no matter how lightly you bake them, always alters the color.

I think you did just great!

CraftyAshley said...

Mmmm... cookies. Those are darling and they do look huge.

T. Joi said...

Great job. How did everyone like them?

carolyn said...

oh my gosh those are too stinkin' cute! i'd eat them!