Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow and Valentines

We are finally getting some snow today! So far it hasn't been much compared to other states, but its something. Hopefully enough will fall that Pi can make a small snowman.

I was on my way home tonight and snapped a quick cell phone pic for those of you that haven't seen Brooklyn. Sorry its blurry...I was walking!

Not terribly pretty (ignore the garbage bags, please and thank you) but its home!

Some morons were trying to sled down this block on...not a sled...but get this....Christmas wrap! No joke people! They were ripping off large strips of the Christmas wrap, then diving onto the sidewalk with it under them, hoping to get some momentum going. They had no luck, but it was awfully funny to watch.

I was going to wait until Valentine's day to show you the ami I made for Pi, since she can access my blog now. No need to wait though, because the little bugger went into my closet today and found it! *sigh*

It's Kristie's Floppy Friends pattern. I love her patterns. They are so cute and extremely well written. I used red and white to make the Valentine's theme and added a quickie heart to his chest. I also embroidered his face since I didn't have doll eyes. I'm pretty happy with how he came out.

Next up are our Valentine's Day gifts to Pi's class. They are catepillars, but we'll call them "lovebugs" to make the theme work. A stretch, huh?

There are 13 in all. I used THIS pattern that I found on craftser. I just used plain old pipe cleaners for the antennaes and googly eyes that I had lying around for the eyes. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I just sharpied on the mouths. Didn't feel like embroidering them and couldn't find fabric glue. Second graders won't care, right?

I added little red tags to each one that says "A lovebug for you on Valentine's Day, From Piper." I was originally just going to make bookmarks but I got roped into these instead. I'm. A. Sucker.

Here they are in the basket that Pi is bringing them to school in.

My poor Cathedral blanket is still sitting unloved. I've been working on my swap project for Zarah. I've gotten my first thing done and am working on the second. I'm really loving this theme!

With all the snow in various states, I'll leave you with an oldie but goodie advice bit...don't eat yellow snow. :)


CraftyAshley said...

I love the love bugs and the your daughter's floppy friend! They are all so cute. Is their really only that many kids in her class? I mean you made tons of love bugs but are her class sizes that small. Because that would be awesome. Well no new snow here in Utah, yet. Have a great night!

CraftyAshley said...

Oh no I'm sure your right about our snow. It is just that hubby and youngest are flying tomorrow and I am driving about 2 hours. But like any storm we will just have to see where it will hit it's hardest. Sorry to hear about stuff not being good at your daughter's school. Hopefully things will get worked out. If only they listened to the parents and by that I mean all the parents not just the one's with money. :-)

Cami said...

I love the love bugs and the floppy friend. How cute! I was always looking for my presents because I couldn't stand the suprise. I'm sure she will be very happy with it. You do amazimg work. And boy does it look cold in Brooklyn. I thought it was cold here, (things are finally starting to warm up). My sister used to live in Brooklyn and I remember how it was so cold it would freeze my bones. Try to stay warm!

Zarah said...

Ooooh! I can't wait!
Love the picture of the snow. All I've ever seen of Brooklyn is what's on TV. The love bugs are a great idea for your daughter's class - maybe I'll do that for my niece's class next year.

Mimi said...

Awww...I love your creations! Good job on all, love the heart on the bear, and the cute caterpillars...you did fine with the Sharpie ;)

Laura said...

Awww, what a great mom you are to make all those little critters for Pi to take to school! My daughter is just bringing in Valentines from the drugstore, LOL! She's crabby with me though, because I planned to come to her school on Thursday to volunteer with this annual COSI science fair, but I've missed a lot of work the past two weeks, between the kids and me being sick, and then her school being closed yesterday because the cold (7 degrees!), plus I have an important meeting at work on Thursday, so I just can't take any more time off right now. I'm kind of disappointed too, because I volunteered for the COSI thing the year before last, and it was really fun. Oh well. I told her I'll come volunteer for the Election Day bake sale in March.

I have that Floppy Friends pattern too, but have yet to make one. One of these days!

Very nice picture! I love the row houses - I get so excited about old houses, and historic architecture. NYC is on my list of "absolutely must visit one day before I die" places.

Laurah said...

What a cute (and time consuming) valentine gift for all the kids! The floppy friends bear is really cute. Those are the type of stuffies I would want to weigh down with those plastic beads. Just in the trunk and limbs, though. I love how you added the stripes and heart.

Bezzie said...

I love the lovebugs!!! So cute!

Stupid "snow" it just HAD to turn into this slushy nightmare.

Lesalicious said...

Awwww look at how cute the love bugs are so cute. I know PI will have fun taking them to her class.:)

Zuleika said...

That was really sweet to make all those cute gifts for her class. They'll love them! I bet your daughter loved her gift as well. :-) I wish I had made something cute for Valentine's day. :-(

Anonymous said...

omg Chris, how cute!!! The love bugs and floppy friend are adorable! what did the kids say at the school??? what a suprise! Anony Joyce

Kelly said...

I love the bear and bugs, such a cute idea.