Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cathedral Rose Window Afghan

Edited to add: THE GIANTS WON!!!! GO NY!!!

I ordered the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan pattern and it arrived in January. Yesterday, my grandfather was sweet enough to lend me his car, so I could run to Michaels to pick out yarn. I didn't want to order the yarn online because the color swatches aren't always accurate.

Hubby and I liked the purples and blues but didn't want it to be as dark as the colors used in the pattern. We finally settled on RH Ocean, RH Lavendar, Baby soft bluebell (will need to use 2 strands) and RH black. Hopefully, they'll all look good together.

I've been doing some secret crochet, so I can't show you that just yet, but I'm working on a project for Pi's class that I should be able to show you guys soon.

I had a haircut today. I sorely needed it since I haven't cut it since last April. Its short. Too short. My hair has been straightened so it doesn't look too short right now, but as soon as I wash it, its going to be very short. *gulp* I don't look good with short hair. Its gonna grow back, right? RIGHT?


Laura said...

I've seen photos of that afghan - I agree, it is beautiful, but too dark. The colors you chose are very pretty. I give you a lot of credit for attempting that afghan - it looks so complicated! My daughter has very tightly curled hair too, and the beautician I take her to also straightens her hair before cutting it. She says it's because it's easy to determine how much to cut off when it's straight. She's fantastic though - she does beautiful work, and never cuts off more than I ask. My younger sister, my daughter and I have all been going to her for years. She's an African-American woman, so she's skilled at cutting all different types of hair. She's changed salons a few times, but luckily now she works at a salon in downtown Cleveland, within walking distance of my job, so I can just go get my hair cut on my lunch break. I haven't had mine cut since September, and my daughter's since October, so we both need to go get it cut again too, especially with my sister's wedding coming up.

Laurah said...

Yea - I am so excited to see you make that giant cathedral afghan! That pattern is on my "I'll make this someday..." list. It looks like such an interesting and unique afghan to crochet! I wonder how many people actually tack the afghan to the wall like in the picture?
I like the colors you picked out. Babysoft is one of my favorite yarns. Not because it's kinda soft, but the colors are so bright, but not neon. I've also doubled it before to get the right gauge. I would love for Lion put out a 4 ply in those colors. If you couldn't tell already, I am thrilled that you are maing this afghan!

CraftyAshley said...

I am also excited for you about the cathedral afghan. That was awesome of your grandpa to let you borrow the car. I can't wait to see your progress. Have a great day!

Lesalicious said...

I can't wait to see how the afghan turns out I know it will look oh so cute.:) loving the colors you picked:)

Artemis said...

You always think your hair is too short just after you get it cut and it always looks great. I guarantee this time is no different.