Sunday, February 10, 2008

Winter isn't over yet?

Its been so warm the last few days that it seems like Spring is just around the corner. The next few days are going to be pretty cold, so I guess winter is not quite done with us yet. I don't like snow, but for Pi's sake, I hope we get some snow soon. She's dying to make a snowman.

While at my cousin's babyshower, I got a few requests. Two of my cousins asked me to make them scarves. These two cousins are really into fashion and wearing what's in, so I was flattered that they wanted one of my scarves.

I finished these and delivered them on Friday. It's my stand-by scarf pattern that I love Shells and V scarf. Its so fast and easy, I can't help but use it over and over.

My grandmother asked me to make her a hat. Her only criteria was that it was warm and black and white.

I used RHSS and used this pattern for a Rolled Brim Hat. The hat didn't seem large enough, so I increased by a few rows. Also, to keep the brim in place, I stitched it on four sides. This way Grandma doesn't have to constantly adjust it.

I wove some white ribbon through and am pretty happy with the result. My mom gave it to Grandma and says she looks adorable in it.
Can you tell I love my grandma? I'm always talking about her!
I haven't worked a single stitch on my Cathedral Rose afghan this weekend. Pi is away for the weekend, so I am trying to finish up Valentine's day crochet for her and her class. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to the afghan tomorrow.


Bezzie said...

YOu've got to get a picture of your cute little grandma in that hat! I love the ribbon--great touch!

Lesalicious said...

Great job on the scarves. So love the hat your grandma would totally love it Great job.:)

Laurah said...

Very cute stuff! I've never tried that scarf pattern, but it does looks very pretty.
The hat with the ribbon is very nice, also. That's a good idea to tack down the brim.
I think it's such a compliment when non-crocheters ask for a wearable and you've got three people in one week asking!

Laura said...

That hat are scarves are so pretty, but I especialy like the hat! I know what you mean about the weather. We had a couple of nearly 60 degree days here in Cleveland, then it kept getting colder until today it's not even 30, and we got a mountain of snow overnight. It's depressing when winter doesn't end until April, or sometimes not even then. Last year we got a mammoth, dangerous snow storm here on Easter, and Easter fell during April. : (

CraftyAshley said...

Your hat and scarfs are awesome. I bet your grandma looks so cute in her new hate. And scarfs for trendy cousins. That is a nice compliment. I hope you had a great weekend!