Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday

Thanks for the hair sympanthy guys! Its not as short as the Menudo kid, but its shorter than I'm used to. Its a little past chin length right now. I'm just being dramatic because I wasn't expecting it. I styled it with some clips today and it didn't look half bad, so I'll survive.

Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Lent sort of snuck up on me this year because its so early. Easter is in March this year. Crazy early.

This season is really important for me sprirtually. I use this time to try and bring myself closer to God through more prayer and fasting. I'm giving up ketchup and soda this year in addition to no meat on Fridays. Ketchup is really hard...I LOVE ketchup! Like a true Puerto Rican, I'll put ketchup on just about anything, haha! A little sacrifice goes a long way.

Pi isn't required to give up anything because of her age but she chose to do it anyway. She decided to give up chocolate pudding. She's too cute!

I'll have another pic of Cathedral Window progress tomorrow night.



Laura said...

Happy Ash Wednesday! I work for the national offices of a church, and there's a chapel on the first floor. They have a special Ash Wednesday service every year, and this year, the former pastor of my church (he left the church at the beginning of the year to come work at the national offices) was leading the service. I really wanted to go to it, but ended up not going to work today because I caught a nasty cold from my kids. : (

Good luck with the no ketchup and soda (we call it "pop" here in the Cleveland area, LOL!). You sound like my son - we go through ketchup like water in my house, because he uses so much of it up!

Glad to hear the hair isn't that short after all!

Laurah said...

Glad to hear the Menudo hair cut isn't exactly like the picture!
I pepper my food like you use ketchup. Especially fresh ground. It's really good on buttered popcorn with parmasean cheese. Mmm!
I'm not a heavy user of ketchup/catsup. I did know a kid in the sixth grade that liked katchup with cantalope though. Now that is just sick!

Bezzie said...

I feel like a dunce, the lady who maintains our copier is Catholic--I thought she had a toner incident yesterday...oops!

CraftyAshley said...

I'm also glad to hear that your new hair cut will work for you. Good luck through Lent. My grandma used to (before she passed away) always give up sweets for Lent. That is unless it was someone's b-day. She was so funny. Thanks for making me smile!

Lesalicious said...

Glad your hair wasn't that bad glad you figured it out. That was so sweet of Pi to give up something. I totally need to give up strawberry soda it's so hard but, I will try. :) good luck

Caroline said...

Good luck throughout Lent. I'm going to try not to overindulge myself in anything. Not too much chocolate, not too much yarn, and try to do something kind every day.

Artemis said...

Always with the ketchup. :> I know you can do it.