Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blog Review

Check it out! Andrea from Knits and Knots did a review on my blog.

Thanks Andrea!


Laura said...

I read the interview - how cool! I think it's so awesome that you taught yourself to crochet as a kid! I feel like I have so much catching up to do, because I just learned how to crochet last year. : ( That's awesome too that you have a degree in forensic psychology. The father of my daughter's best friend, Madison, is a supervisor of the forensics lab with the Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) coroner's office. He and Madison's mom grew up in a tiny little town outside of Chicago, and she said they moved to Cleveland after he graduated from college, because there would be more job opportunities in a big city with a lot of crime, LOL! I give him a lot of credit for doing that job, because he worked on a case a couple of years ago about this 9 year old girl who was kidnapped near her home, was sexually assaulted, and her body dumped in a field, and found a few weeks later. It was so sad. The case got a lot of attention here in the Cleveland area. A guy was charged with the crime, but got off, and was later charged with trying to assault a younger female cousin, and then was convicted of assaulting a teenager girl.

Anyway, one of my older sisters has a PhD in child psychology. She's the executive director of a youth group home and mental health agency. One Christmas Eve when my whole family was at her house, she got a call about a teenage boy who tried to stab his parents. That's too much stress to deal with for me.

Laurah said...

That's great! I like the 'six toes' joke at the end.

Laura said...

Riker's Island??? Yikes! That WOULD be some stressful job! The sister who's the psychologist worked as a social worker for Cuyahoga County for a year while she was finishing up her master's, and she quit because of the stress - going into dangerous neighborhoods, dealing with people like the lady with 7 kids who were all taken from her because she was a drug addict, but she kept getting pregnant again and again, and the parents whose kids were in foster care, and wouldn't show up to visit their kids during court arranged visits, etc, etc. And the pay was horrendous on top of it. Thanks for the clarification on the boroughs! One of my grad school professors used to be a city planner in the Bronx. I read this awesome book about the revitalization of the Bronx called "South Bronx Rising". Check it out sometime - it's really good. One day I'll make it to NYC for a visit...sigh.

Caroline said...

It was sooooo fun to see oneofmy blog buddies being recognized on the 'ville. Loved the interview too!

Laura said...


I saw a link to this on Crochet Partners - It's an online magazine for NYC crafters - thought you might be interested in it.