Thursday, February 7, 2008

Long days

I am so excited that the days are beginning to get longer. During the winter, I leave for work before it is light out and I leave from work after the sun has gone down. I normally don't go out for lunch and I don't sit near a window, so sometimes I don't see daylight until the weekend.

Sheesh, I sound like a vampire, eh. Pasty skin. Check. Pointy teeth. Check (two of them anyway). Blood sucking. Wait. bloodsucking. Ok, not a vampire, but I sure don't see alot of sun.

When I left work today, it hit me that it wasn't dark! Hello sun, howya doing? Long time no see! Long days are my absolute favorite part of the spring and summer seasons. I'm not a fan of heat, but give me long days anyday! That little bit of sunlight made me giddy.

Here's some more progress on my Cathedral Rose afghan.

Between yesterday and today, I finished 7 more rows. I would have liked to do more, but I had to finish some scarves for my cousins, a hat for grandma, and we had girl scouts tonight. I'll show you those scarves and hat next post.
I'm pretty excited about the progress I'm making. The more rows I do, the more I love the color combo. Good job anonymous husband! So far, I'm not having any problems with the pattern. It all seems very straightforward. I'm sure I'll change my tune by Sunday, ha!
Oh yeah, only a week til Matchbox 20. Woooooo!


Laurah said...

Lookin' good! Girl scouts, work hats, scarves and the catherdral afghan? You are one busy girl! Can't wait to see more progress and those mystery scarves.

Lesalicious said...

Can't wait to see how the hats and scarves look. Love how the afghan is coming along I also love the color combo great job.:)

Laura said...

You're so silly!

The afghan looks great so far! You're one fast crocheter!

I know all too much what you mean about the short days - I tend to get totally depressed during the winter. I do have an office with a window (my department is so small, only four of us, that we all ended up with offices) though, which helps.

I don't go out for lunch too often either, partly because a lot of the lower priced restaurants in downtown Cleveland have closed, and partly because I'm too cheap to buy lunches out a lot (I'd rather save my money for yarn!).

Every now and then, when my husband's not too tired (he works nights) he'll come downtown and meet me for lunch and we'll go to a nice restaurant downtown, or occasionally I'll go to this pizza place across the street from my job, because I can get a big slice of Chicago deep dish pizza, a side salad, and a drink for $5.50.

Other than that, I keep food stuff that doesn't have to be refrigerated in my desk drawer, like little cups of applesauce, pudding (chocolate!) and crackers, and then just bring a frozen entree from home.

I loved when I was on jury duty, because the Justice Center in downtown Cleveland (the courts complex) has a cafeteria with really, really good food, and it's cheap, too! I'm hoping I get called for jury duty again so I have an excuse to eat at their cafeteria again!

Well, I'd better stop writing about food, because I haven't had breakfast yet, and am getting hungry!

CraftyAshley said...

I love the way your blanket is turning out so far! You have to look at if for a bit to see the black yarn. It is so neat. Great job on your hubby's color choices. Have a great weekend!

Teresa said...

You're Cathedral Window afghan is coming along beautifully! I like the colors you chose. I started mine about a month ago and I'm still not finished with section one :( I've got too many projects going on and really need to get back to it.

Bezzie said...

I love the "snap" the black gives that cathedral window.

Isn't the light great! It's getting to the point that by 5:45 I can get to pick up Chunky before dark! Of course Manhattan does look cooler in the dark from his school parking lot ;-)

Cami said...

It is coming along nicely, and is beautiful!

Rose said...

You have done a beautiful. I just love your colors. They are so warm yet strong.

I started one many, many months ago but had so many other projects to complete or make for gifts or holidays first. I am sure you know what I mean.

I have stopped working on mine for a while also due to some problems with my right eye and using black. The doctors are checking it for a detached retina, etc. I get floaters and light flashes in that eye and then get dizzy and nauseous too. I also belong to Chatty's CAL group. I have a blog as well, but have not entered anything in it for quite a while. Enough about me.

Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see more of your progress. You are doing a marvelous job.