Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feeling productive.

I woke up before 5 am yesterday to check on NJ Transit and see if the snow was causing delays. As of that time, there were no major delays listed, so I went ahead and got ready for work. By the time I'd finished getting ready, all of Northern NJ's buses had been suspended and school had been cancelled. So Pi and I stayed home again.

Since I was up and ready, going back to sleep wasn't really an option for me. Once I'm up, I'm up! So, I figured I'd make the most of my time.

While my family slept, I finished up another Molly Monkey that I started a few days ago for a little neighbor who is turning 5 today. Her socks, sleeves, skirt, and body were made entirely from scraps. The brown is leftover corduroy from that last Molly (I think there's enough to make one more too!). This project is awesome for scrap busting!

She should actually be called Maddie Monkey, because that's my neighbor's name. The tiny embroidered "M" personalizes the gift just a little more.

Her shoes (and beret) are made from leftover pink felt from Pi's Halloween costume. Yellow buttons tie in the yellow from the skirt and the embroidery. I hope Maddie enjoys her.

After finishing that up, I decided to try a recipe I saw over at Knit Circus for Challah bread. Pi and I lived in a hasidic Jewish neighborhood for 5 years and were introduced to a lot of the foods they eat regularly. Challah bread has always been one of my favs, so when I saw the recipe I got really excited.

It looked intimidating, but it was honestly so so easy. The hardest part was the kneading. It came out slightly crunchy and golden on the outside and slightly flaky on the inside. Mmmmmm!!!

I'm feeling pretty productive and I like it. Its good to get things finished and try something new too. Today isn't shaping up to be that productive. I think I might curl up with a book today.

Happy Saturday peeps!


Andrea Moberly said...

I am soooo impressed (and so jealous!) I have got to make that monkey!

Snap said...

Happy Saturday to you, too. The doll is wonderful and I'm sure your neighbor will love it -- especially personalized! And, baking too! You are a busy girl!

Anonymous said...

the bread looks appetizing! I think I will check out the recipe and see if I can make it! The doll is wonderful! I would make one for marvyn, but I STILL can not find the polyfil stuffing or anything similar!

Laura said...

I'm impressed that you got all that done that early in the morning! I'm not a morning person at all. My brain just doesn't work well in the mornings!

The monkey is too cute! If it was your own pattern (so you could sell it), I'd buy one from your for my daughter's friend (also named Madison) who's birthday is coming up in March.

Caroline said...

That monkey is seriously cute! We've finally got sun here todya and temps in the forties.....maybe spring is finally here. Keep the delicious looking bread away from me....I am a carb hog!

Bezzie said...

So cute AND delicious!

kado! said...

that little "m" totally makes it SO cute!

I will have to try that bread...looks yummy!

Cami said...

So adorable! I love the embroidery! You are so talented.