Saturday, February 20, 2010

Peanut Buttery Goodness

Not a whole lot going on in the home front lately. Pi's had a cold for the last few days and we kept her home from school today. She's so congested, she sounds like a miniature Darth Vader while she's sleeping.

Over the weekend, I noticed this lonely bag of peanut butter chips in the cabinet. Hubby had bought them on sale awhile ago, when he was also getting chocolate chips. I wanted to use them up, but wasn't sure how. Google to the rescue!

This Peanut Butter cake recipe from the Cake Mix Doctor looked good, so I went with that. The cake is good, but doesn't have that "wow" factor, so I'm not sure I'd make it again unless its requested. After it was all frosted, I sprinkled peanut butter chips on top instead of crushed peanuts. It was only then that I realized I didn't need the whole bag for this recipe and so still had the problem of using up the chips. D'oh!

Looks more like a spike cake, eh?

A little more searching landed me at this Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chip Cookies. The only adjustment I made was to add a tablespoon of peanut butter right in the dough. They are amazing (and disappearing at an alarming rate)! Definite wow factor here.

On the crafty front, I made three more calorimetries for co-workers who decided they had to have one. They're made with good old RHSS. Are you sick of seeing these yet?

In other news, I'm scheduled for an endometrial biopsy tomorrow morning. The doc has some ideas about what might be causing my girlie issues, but she needs a biopsy to confirm her suspicions. She doesn't suspect anything malignant, so nothing to get too alarmed over yet. But I am nervous about the procedure (and the pain!), so if you wouldn't mind a quick prayer/good wishes/happy thought, I'd appreciate it much.


melicity said...

I'll be praying for you. Love your blog and am jealous of the knitting. I'm strictly crochet, mostly because I can't figure knitting out.

BTW--LOVED the monkey!! :)

Snap said...

Love the baking, the colorimetries. Wishing you well tomorrow. Hugs--

Kristina P. said...

My husband LOVES PB chip cookies.

Caroline said...

Ohhhh......good luck at the docs....positive thoughts for you! Love the calorimetries too; especially since I'm "in the know" about such a great pattern.LOL

Bezzie said...

Peanut buttery vibes heading your way!

Laura said...

The cookies and the cake look tasty! I feel like I'm going to gain 5 pounds just drooling over all the delicious baking photos on your blog every week!

You're a fast knitter! One day I'm just going to have to give those short rows a try.

Good luck with the biopsy tomorrow (if it helps, just tell yourself the pain can't be any worse than giving birth). I don't know if the procedure is any thing alike, but I had a D&C once (after I miscarried my third child), and the only pain I had afterwards was some cramping (not much worse than regular menstrual ones).

Erika's Crafts Corner said...

Sending prayers your way for sure.

Just so you also know you are so full of sunshine, even in hard and for that reason I am awarding you the Sunshine Award! Thank you for always being so sweet and cheerful!

Come to my site and pick it up if you dare! ;o) Not as easy as it looks - but fun, and a good way to get to know others!!!